Liquid Rubber Roofing Training

Give us a day, and we'll help you increase profits for a lifetime

We want you to succeed. After training you can work with some of the most advanced roofing systems, including the world's only true EPDM in liquid form. You get the systems your customers want, with the easy preparation and application contractors love. We've designed our range to suit both customers and contractors. Every roof coatings eventuality is covered. After free training you're ready with an answer for every call you take. Plus we could pass you leads for lucrative projects.

The sealant systems that make your life easier

  •  Alltimes Liquid Rubber Roofing: This is the liquid rubber you can use everyday with it's ease of application and long life expectancy at a cost that make sense. It can be used for roof repair and refurbishment or new build projects. Gets around the most complicated of projects with ease and speed.
  • Liquid Rubber EPDM: the world's only true EPDM in liquid form. Ever installed rubber sheets? This gives the same high performance durability, straight from a tin. There's no difficult membrane to maneuver or cut. You just open the tin, add the catalyst and brush, roller or spray on. Minimum preparation and easy application. Plus you give your customers better protection with a seamless roof. No vulnerabilities means no leaks. No leaks mean no call backs.
  • The Rapid Curing range: Winter is a tough time for roofers. You've got the roof, a leak and a lucrative project. But what you've also lumbered with is a system that refuses to be applied in freezing temperatures. Rapid Curing solves that with a -5ºC application temperature and a 30 minute cure time. You can sweep up your competitors' business while they're stuck at home waiting for Spring. Learn more about Rapid Curing here.
  •  The ISO Paint range: Fed up of limited systems costing you jobs? Have the versatility to answer every roof coating need and increase profits today. The ISO paint range goes from low-budget 5 year systems up to tough 20 year rubbers. You can give customers choices and talk them through the options. You expand your business and build your reputation.

  • There's much more... Check out our 'Right solution for your project' page here.

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Training is more than just building protection. It's about you:

  • Increase profits. How would you like to convert up to 75% of your quotes? We know a contractor in the US that uses one of our systems to achieve just this. Customers want the benefits these systems come with, and can be more likely to choose you over others. 
  • Minimise call backs. With easy to follow expert guidance you can create watertight substrates for years to come. No call backs means you're free to concentrate on other projects. Plus your reputation will grow as more and more people want you.
  • Special prices. Gain exclusive contractor pricing and make your quotes as competitive as possible.
  • Expert guidance. Learn exactly what to use when and where. We can take you through every eventuality and you'll be able to advise other roofers as to what to do.
  • Decrease material cost. Engineered to waterproof after just a single coat, many of our systems are complete in one pass. No primer, and no multiple layers, meaning you need far less tins of solution than your competitors need. 
  • Minimal preparation. Many of our systems are designed to be easy to use. With fast cure times there's no waiting around on site. Plus you free up labour and tools for other jobs, allowing you to complete more projects in less time. 
  • Easy application. You can either brush, roller or spray on many of our systems so you're firmly in control of how you want to repair. 
  • Lead generation. As an approved contractor we may pass you leads when jobs come in from your area. These are big industrial projects that you won't want to pass up.
  • Cut gutter lining to just a 1/5th of the usual time. Waterproof lucrative industrial gutters with easy single coat systems. No more backache. Plus give seamless results and leave your customers' gutter free of vulnerabilities such as joints.
  • Quick cut edge corrosion treatment. Stop rust from destroying your customer's roof in one simple application at any time of the year.

Training and education doesn't stop at the end of the day. We work closely with our contractors and love talking technical when you have questions on site. This is a partnership where we train you on the latest coating systems, pass you leads and answer your every coating system need. Spaces are limited, so please get in touch as soon as possible. That way we can ensure your place on our next course. 

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