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About Us

About us at Alltimes Coatings Roof Coating Company

Alltimes Coatings is the partner of choice for contractors and specifiers who demand high-performance commercial and industrial roof and cladding coating systems, combined with ongoing support and expertise, to improve project outcomes for their clients.

At Alltimes, we firmly believe everyone is important -  from the initial specification to the final topcoat being applied.

Contractors need the right product for the right application. Applicators need to have the skills to apply the coating effectively. Specifiers need the right technical information and support to aid their specification process.

In construction, we rely on trusted relationships from all stakeholders to ensure specifications, deadlines and budgets are met, and done so to a high standard and at all times underpinned by honesty and integrity (yes, that still exists when working with us).

It’s true - the most profitable solution to us is not necessarily the right one for you. That’s why we’ll work with you to ensure we understand your requirements so you end up with a roof you will be proud of… and that lasts for years to come!

There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, and we help you find the perfect product for your project, from immediate repairs to long term refurbishment.

Alltimes Coatings combines market-leading research with great products with great support. It’s a philosophy that we live by, and it is responsible for the trusted relationships we have with our network of building professionals who regularly use our products and systems – and love them!

How we help you personally…

Roof coating specialists that help you personally

By helping the surveyor or architect choose and specify the best product, to training a new employee starting out with an approved contractor.

For the contractors

We will work with your team members to make sure they know exactly what to do and how to do it. We know real life on the job is not the same as the theory. That's why we want to make sure you are confident all the way through a project. 

For surveyors and specifiers

It goes without saying we want to provide you with the best system for your particular need, however, more importantly, we want to make your job easier by providing the support and confidence in what you are specifying.

This means providing the tools to help with your specification, the warrantees to give your clients reassurance and the connection to contractors who love working with our systems.

For building owners

To assess and understand your problem and with expert knowledge. Then offer the best roof coating solutions, whether it's only treating the problem areas as that’s all that is needed, or recommend a complete roof re-coating system with the most appropriate contractor for your particular project.

The Alltimes Story

The Alltimes Story

The Alltimes Coatings story began when founder and CEO Nigel Alltimes actually had the problem you are all faced with: owning and being responsible for a number of industrial units with failing, leaking roofs.

A number of contractors and manufacturers suggested various coating systems, replacement or overcladding, all with wildly differing advice and industrial-sized price tags.

Coating felt like the best choice, but the coating options available weren't up to the job. They didn't have the life span or durability he wanted.

That’s why, over the years, we’ve travelled the globe, literally, and brought to market products that challenge the ‘quick fixes’ that have minimal longevity, to develop ground-breaking, scientifically proven products that our customers have to come to love and use again and again.

After importing specialist systems from as far as Australia, USA and Denmark, we have worked with chemists, formulators and raw ingredient manufacturers to develop a range of our own aiming to improve performance, application procedures and reduce harmful effects on the environment.

In 2019, after developing a wide range of 15/20 year coating systems, we launched the Advantage® Range which included Advantage® Graphene with a 30 year warranty, (a sister product to our existing Advantage® coating for asbestos roofs, but now with added graphene).

It’s still the same lightweight, re-coatable roofing system that roofers have come to depend on, but the addition of graphene creates a ‘tortuous pathway’ for water molecules, oxygen and salt to pass through. Put simply, it forms a barrier that is virtually impenetrable, giving unparalleled protection for your metal roof against corrosion and rust. With no solvents and VOC’s this is also the best choice for the environment.

We are now working with a university and equipment manufacturer to improve the method of preparation of degraded metal roofs.

Roof Coating Specialist Company

Proud to be ISO 9001 Certified 


We pride ourselves on the service we deliver to all our stakeholders and always endeavor to demonstrate commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and continual improvement. Undergoing ISO 9001 enables us to seek consistency and efficiency through standardised processes across the supply and delivery chain.

We can confirm that the promises we make within our marketing or sales functions can 100% be backed up by our operations giving our customers true peace of mind. 

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Meet the Team

Introducing the experts you will often be speaking to

Nigel Alltimes

CEO, Founder

Laura Thomas

Office Manager

Tory Hammond

Internal Customer Support and Sales

Tracey Reynolds

Contractor and Specifier Onboarding

James Smith

Warehouse Manager

Alex Masters

Sales Executive

John Betteridge

Contract Support Manager

Jane Melvill

Office Administrator

Delivering Results

Delivering Results Testimonial

"The longest warranty offered on a roof coating system matching that of some re-roofs The system is very easy to apply and has a really nice flow and durable finish Great customer service and in particular technical knowledge"

M.Hallwood , Cladding Coatings

“I have been really impressed with the Advantage Graphene system. It’s really straightforward to use, has provided a fantastic coating finish and has given me the reassurance that it is providing a long lasting solution for my clients”

D.Knight , Comm Commercial Roofing & Cladding

"We had a very tricky 1000 M2 roof to complete, but Alltimes have been excellent from start to finish, from their technical side to the actual quality of the product. Advantage Graphene is very user friendly and I only had positive reviews from the lads on site. They loved how easy it was to install and the low amount of odours it emits compared to other manufactures. The client was stunned with the finished product. I will definitely be using them again."

D.King  , DJ Sourthern Roofing

“We’ve worked with Alltimes and the Advantage Systems on many Metal and Asbestos Roof jobs – not only is the product the best we’ve used for ease of application and performance, but the team are always very helpful, responsive and knowledgeable”

Approved Contractor , Independent
"Working with Alltimes is a great partnership start to finish. We know we’re getting a superior product with the Advantage metal roof coating as it’s easy to use and has a 30 year warranty. They also know their stuff – from initial inspection through to application training the team offer honest, knowledgeable support"
Bret Bishop , Aplex Contracts Ltd