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Introducing The Alltimes Coatings Metal Roof Protection Range Advantage® Systems

Fix Dilapidated Roofs with Scientifically Developed Coatings Systems, by Alltimes Coatings

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Warranties ranging from 10 to 30 years



Only 1 coat needed, minimising time trafficking the roof or moving equipment



Sprayable systems that apply easily and evenly



Impact resistance means the coatings withstand varying weather, debris, and bird pecking



Elongation means the coatings cope with temperature changes without splitting



No shrinkage during curing, so contractors can get the correct thickness first time



Advantage® products can be applied between 3°C – 60°C.

Most are damp tolerant during application, so jobs can be completed year-round.



Discover the coatings that can be easily applied all year round.



Stop leaks causing significant damage to the interior and exterior of your building for good.



Choose a long-lasting industrial metal roof coating that improves project outcomes and gives your clients confidence they are getting a superior product.



Discover the coatings that can be easily applied all year round.



Stop leaks causing significant damage to the interior and exterior of your building for good.



Choose a long-lasting industrial metal roof coating that improves project outcomes and gives your clients confidence they are getting a superior product.


Stop Metal Roof Dilapidation With An Advanced Industrial Metal Roof Coating

Your solution for leaking and corroded metal pitched roofs:

Advantage® For Metal Roofs is a hybrid system enhanced with Graphene; the thinnest material known to man that is 200x stronger than steel, providing impressive anti-corrosion coating technology.

The addition of Graphene to the scientifically developed Advantage® coating provides building owners and specifiers maximum peace of mind with a 30 year warrantee.

Its single coat, moisture tolerant, and machine-friendly quick spray application, coupled with significant health benefits over other coatings makes it the best choice for contractors who want to get the job done safely, on time, and on budget. Plus it can usually be re-coated without the need for a primer.

“We know we’re getting a superior product with the Advantage metal roof coating and it’s easy to use and has a 30 year warranty”

Brett Bishop, Director


The Ultimate Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment For Combatting Weak Areas In Metal Roofs

Are you fighting Cut Edge Corrosion?

Cut Edge Corrosion (CEC), is the enemy in the battle against metal roof damage.

  • CEC can occur wherever there is an exposed metal edge, particularly where metal sheets overlap and at sheet ends.
  • The worst damage happens where you can’t see it, hiding under the overlapping steel sheets.
  • Even steel with a weathering coat applied to the outside will become susceptible to CEC over time as moisture becomes trapped beneath.

Fix Cut Edge Corrosion For Good:

Using a non-industrial or inferior roof coating sealant makes it likely that the CEC will get worse, wasting time and money.

Advantage® For CEC targets the most affected areas of the roof with a stronger than steel coating. Advantage® For CEC is enhanced by the revolutionary Graphene material, providing advanced protection that means the CEC solution is independently insurable and protected by a 15 year warranty.

This solvent free, single coat, weather resistant system makes transport, storage, and application quicker, easier, and safer than using a substitute coating without the Advantage® difference.

“The system is very easy to apply and has a really nice flow and durable finish”

Mike Hallwood, Managing Director


The Asbestos Roof Coating That Makes Dangerous and Fragile Asbestos Roofs Watertight Again

Do you need a solution for a leaking asbestos roof (that doesn’t cost a fortune)?

  • Replacing an asbestos roof takes time and a lot of money spent on inspection and removal.
  • Cladding over asbestos with metal doesn’t stop the corrosion and can expose contractors to more harmful fibres when holes are drilled into the existing roof.
  • Cladding only masks what's there. If asbestos regulations change, over cladding could simply be storing up problems for the future.

You need a safe and long-lasting way to lengthen the lifespan of the roof and stop harmful fibres being released quickly and affordably.

Coat rather than cover a dilapidated asbestos roof:

With Advantage® For Asbestos Roofs:

  • The damage on asbestos roofs is sealed, providing long-lasting protection against the release of harmful fibres that is backed up by a 20 year warrantee.
  • The roof is not damaged further during application.
  • The coating is solvent free and can be quickly sprayed on to reduce contractor exposure to harmful materials.

“It’s really straightforward to use, has provided a fantastic coating finish and has given me the reassurance that it is providing a long lasting solution for my clients.”

Daniel Knight, Director


Trust A Gutter Coating To Stop Leaking Gutters Damaging Your Building And Business

How do you stop a leaking industrial gutter?

  • Unless it is past the point of repair, replacing a leaking gutter is costly and unnecessary.
  • A typical merchant gutter coating or joint sealant is unsuitable for industrial gutters, and doesn’t provide the level of protection you need.
  • You can use a liner instead of replacing the gutter but these reduce capacity. A liner also isn’t the fastest, most efficient, cost effective, long-lasting, or weather proof solution.

A gutter lining paint allows you to seal leaks and holes as well as protect against further corrosion, making it a better way to fix your leaking gutters.

Choose a gutter lining paint to protect your industrial or commercial building fast.

With Advantage® Gutter Lining Paint, most steel guttering can be fixed and stay protected with a 15 year warrantee, providing reassurance for building owners.

  • Advantage® Gutter Lining Paint is a single coat solution after preparation. This means contractors can get the job done quickly and not waste time going up and down ladders.
  • Only a small amount of product may be needed. Unlike PVC or rubber, there is often no need to line a whole gutter if only the joints, sharp edges, and fixings are corroded.

Protect Your Building Contents From Costly Leaks With An Industrial Rooflight Coating That Lasts

Looking for a way to extend the life of industrial rooflights?

Over time, weather, UV, and dirt corrode the top surface of industrial rooflights causing damage as well as a significant reduction in natural light.

The fibreglass windows will become fragile and brittle, making them susceptible to physical stresses that cause cracks, and subsequently leaks.

Replacing rooflights can be expensive and disrupt the use of the building. In most cases, this is an unnecessary step, that can be avoided by applying the right industrial rooflight coating.

How to protect rooflights from the elements after cleaning:

Advantage® Clear Plus For Industrial Rooflights quickly prevents rooflights becoming dirty, fibrous, absorbent, and fragile.

Other coatings can take 2 or 3 coats to fully protect rooflights. But Advantage® Clear Plus For Industrial Rooflights is very low in solvents, meaning it typically only needs one coat. This allows you to save valuable time and avoid the risk of changing weather conditions between coats.

Advantage® Clear Plus For Industrial Rooflights provides peace of mind with a 15 year coating warrantee; reducing the risk of leaks and the cost of lighting the building.

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Cutting Edge Graphine enhanced rust prevention Coating for Metal Roofs.

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