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Amazing Industrial Coating That Prevents Rust On Metal Roofs

Amazing Industrial Coating That Prevents Rust On Metal Roofs

If you’re a specifier or contractor involved in metal roof protection, you will no doubt be privy to silicones, polyurethanes, and older technologies like acrylics, alkyds and vinyls for protective coatings.

But in recent years, we’ve seen the arrival of hybrids to the market – combining the better properties of those technologies highlighted above.

One such Hybrid coating is called Advantage Graphene. And as the name suggests, this coating contains a material known as ‘graphene’. Throughout this article, we will be discussing graphene in depth, but to put it simply, this material helps form an impenetrable barrier to moisture and contaminants  – making it an ideal solution for the protection of metal structures like roofs and gutters from rust and corrosion.

A coating like this goes an enormous way in enhancing your offering as a surveyor or contractor, helping you to work smarter by cutting cost, reducing output and being kinder to the environment, too.

So let’s find out a bit more…

Firstly, What is Graphene & Why is it Changing the Coatings Industry?

GraphenGraphene is a layer of carbon atoms - Image ref

Scientifically speaking, graphene is a one-atom-thick layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice – a single, thin layer of graphite (which is the soft, flaky material used in pencil lead).

When it is isolated from graphite, graphene takes on some miraculous properties. It’s around 200 times stronger than steel, and on top of that, it is flexible, transparent, highly conductive and impermeable to most gases and liquids.

And that’s why it’s earned the title of a ‘wonder material.’ It could change the world, with unlimited potential for integration in almost any industry.


Why Is The Use Of Graphene In Sealants & Coatings Going To Help Win You More Contracts?

Synertec Warrington Cladding Coatings During Roof Refurbishment

With conventional coatings (like vinyl, acrylic, alkyd or PU, and so on…), the particles tend to be spherical. This allows for the free passage of moisture to the substrate, meaning they’re more susceptible to rust and corrosion.

Have you been to a children’s indoor play area where there’s a ball pit at the bottom of a slide? The children crash through the spheres straight to the floor, without any real resistance.

And that’s similar to how water and other molecules can pass through a conventional coating or paint with relative ease.

So How Does Graphene Stop Rust On Metal Roofs?

Manufacturers have addressed this by creating a hybrid coating containing a laminar flake structure, and that does make a big difference.

Here’s an analogy:

You need to walk through the West End of London. You can fairly easily go down Oxford St or the Strand or Shaftesbury Avenue. You might have to dodge the odd tourist and cross the road to get away from a bad busker, but it would be a pretty easy and straight forward journey.

A laminar flake structure will make this ordinarily easy route seven times harder. So, you wouldn’t be able to use the main roads. Instead, you’d be relying on backstreets. You may even encounter the odd dead end. But you’d eventually get to your destination.

And that’s what it’s like for water molecules and other particles. The route to the substrate is made much more difficult.

Now let’s consider the addition of graphene. Whereas a laminar flake structure makes the passage of water seven times harder, the addition of graphene will make your route through the West End 120 times harder.

Read that again....

One Hundred and Twenty times harder.

You may as well abandon your journey now.

This is exactly what happens when you add graphene to a coating or sealant. The journey of moisture to the substrate is completely halted. In other words, it forms an impenetrable barrier to rust and corrosion.

How Are Graphene Enhanced Coatings Going to Improve My Jobs?

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In its most simple terms, a graphene-enhanced coating can make you work smarter.

A single coat application means contractors can get the job done in a fraction of the time, whilst using less product. Savings in time, money and product can help manage cost and free up time to take on more work – making you more profitable.

It’s not just contractors that benefit; specifiers can, too. Selecting a product that a specifier can trust and rely on goes a long way in impacting your influence as a decision-maker on projects.

If you’re a specifier, we have an excellent CPD where you can learn more about graphene-enhanced hybrid coatings. Click here.

Let’s not forget the positive reputation you’ll build when you use a long-lasting coating that outperforms every other coating or sealant on the market, not to mention one that provides one of the longest warranties in the industry.

Some notable features include:

  • High strength, making it more durable and protective.
  • Enhanced by the addition of Graphene, meaning less product needed (cost, time and environmental savings)
  • Impenetrable barrier to rust and corrosion, so once it’s protected, it’s protected for life.
  • UV stable, protecting the substance from the long-term degradation from UV light.
  • 30-year warranty, so you can trust in its performance.

There are also positives to be gleaned from an environmental standpoint. A graphene hybrid coating is solvent, Isocyanate and VOC free. It’s virtually odour free (ideal if you’re working in a food production factory or other sensitive settings).

It’s also 100% solids, so is not giving anything up to the atmosphere.

With all this in mind, a graphene-enhanced coating will certainly enhance your offering as a surveyor or contractor due to the sheer number of benefits we’ve highlighted.


Could you be one of the growing numbers of building professionals using (and benefiting from) enhanced coatings?

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