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How Graphene is changing the Construction Industry

How Graphene is changing the Construction Industry

Firstly, what is Graphene?

Graphene, a two-dimensional carbon material, has the potential to revolutionise various industries, including construction. While the full extent of its impact is still being explored, there are several ways in which graphene is already changing the construction industry because of some amazing properties it holds.

How does Graphene benefit construction

  1. Stronger and lighter materials: Graphene's exceptional strength and low weight make it an ideal additive for construction materials. By incorporating graphene into concrete, for example, it can enhance the material's compressive strength, durability, and crack resistance while reducing its weight. This could lead to the development of lighter, more sustainable structures.
  2. Improved energy efficiency: Graphene-based materials have excellent thermal and electrical conductivity properties. They can be used as coatings or additives to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.
  3. Enhanced durability and corrosion resistance: Graphene's impermeable nature and resistance to corrosion make it a promising solution for improving the durability of construction materials. It can be used as a protective coating on metals, concrete, and other materials, preventing moisture ingress, chemical damage, and rusting, thereby extending the lifespan of structures.
  4. Sustainable construction: Graphene has the potential to contribute to sustainable construction practices. Its lightweight properties reduce the amount of material required, leading to lower transportation costs and reduced carbon emissions. Additionally, graphene-based materials could be used to improve the properties of traditional construction materials, such as steel or concrete, which have a significant environmental impact.
  5. Sensor technology and smart infrastructure: Graphene's excellent electrical conductivity enables the development of smart infrastructure. Graphene-based sensors can be embedded in structures to monitor factors like strain, stress, humidity, and temperature. This real-time data can help with early detection of structural weaknesses, improving maintenance and safety.
  6. Water and air filtration: Graphene's unique properties make it an effective material for water and air filtration systems. Graphene membranes can remove contaminants from water, including heavy metals and organic compounds, offering potential solutions for clean water access in construction projects. Similarly, graphene-based filters can help purify air by trapping harmful pollutants.

At Alltimes Coatings we have three key principles that drive our business forward….

  • Using technology to improve performance
  • Striving to make systems that are eco-centric
  • Strive to offer the best support in the industry to contractors and specifiers 

That’s why when we recognised the merits of Graphene as a hybrid addition to our industrial roof coatings, it was a no-brainer to bring it to market.


Its thin, flexible and impermeable nature makes it an ideal material for protecting roofs from moisture, UV radiation and other environmental factors. Additionally, its high strength and durability provide enhanced resistance against cracks, corrosion and wear. By incorporating grapehene into roof coatings, buildings can benefit from extended roof lifespan, and reduced maintenance costs. The use of graphene in roof coatings offers a promising solution for sustainable and long lasting protection for buildings.


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