Advantage® Clear+ Rooflight Coatings
Single coat protection to reinvigorate GRP rooflights

Advantage® Clear+ Rooflight Coatings

Skylight coating for metal Roofs

Say goodbye to the runny, clear coating that needs 2 or 3 coats. With over 95g solids, you get a single-coat application with the finish and durability that outperforms the polyurethanes you’re probably used to.

The Rooflight Coating System to Reinvigorate Your Ageing GRP Roof

Rooflight coating to reinvigorate your aging GRP Roof

Delivering a translucent sheen the Advantage® for Rooflights system is the ideal solution for rejuvenating your aged GRP rooflights. With a genuine one coat system, unlike others that need 2 or 3 coats , taking up valuable time and risking changing weather conditions between coats. Combined with high weather and UV resistance, it is the product of choice for contractors and specifiers.

Rooflights are an often-neglected part of a building. Over time, they lose their top protection film, making them even more susceptible to dirt build-up. This results in the material becoming more corroded whilst also limiting the light from coming through.

That’s why it’s in your clients’ best interests to stay on top them. Quickly becoming dirty, fibrous, absorbent and fragile, replacement of poorly maintained GRP rooflights can be an expensive and disruptive process.

So rely on Advantage® for Rooflights: a system that allows for ease of application and a 15-year guarantee that provides long-term savings. A reduction in the need for artificial lights means a better environmental choice, too.

Advantage® for Rooflights: Key Performance Features

Advantage for Rooflights Transparent Sheen


Transparent sheen

Coverage 5-7m2 per litre


5-7m2 per 1 L

3-40 temperature limits

Temperature Limits:

3°C - 40°C

15 year warranty


15 years

Why Choose Advantage® for Rooflights

Why choose Advantage for Rooflights
eco-friendly energy saving

Energy Saving

Improvement in natural light, creating long-term savings in electricity.

time cost saving with quick application

Quick Application

1 coat application, enabling applicators to get more done, quicker.

Apply in low temperatures

Apply in Low Temperatures

Can be applied at a minimum temperature of 3°C, allowing you to apply nearly all year round.

Stronger than polyurethanes


Much tougher than polyurethanes.

Delivering Results

Delivering Results Testimonials

"The longest warranty offered on a roof coating system matching that of some re-roofs The system is very easy to apply and has a really nice flow and durable finish Great customer service and in particular technical knowledge"

M.Hallwood , Cladding Coatings

“I have been really impressed with the Advantage Graphene system. It’s really straightforward to use, has provided a fantastic coating finish and has given me the reassurance that it is providing a long lasting solution for my clients”

D.Knight , Comm Commercial Roofing & Cladding

"We had a very tricky 1000 M2 roof to complete, but Alltimes have been excellent from start to finish, from their technical side to the actual quality of the product. Advantage Graphene is very user friendly and I only had positive reviews from the lads on site. They loved how easy it was to install and the low amount of odours it emits compared to other manufactures. The client was stunned with the finished product. I will definitely be using them again."

D.King  , DJ Sourthern Roofing

“We’ve worked with Alltimes and the Advantage Systems on many Metal and Asbestos Roof jobs – not only is the product the best we’ve used for ease of application and performance, but the team are always very helpful, responsive and knowledgeable”

Approved Contractor , Independent
"Working with Alltimes is a great partnership start to finish. We know we’re getting a superior product with the Advantage metal roof coating as it’s easy to use and has a 30 year warranty. They also know their stuff – from initial inspection through to application training the team offer honest, knowledgeable support"
Bret Bishop , Aplex Contracts Ltd

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