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Failing Industrial Gutters - Don't put off repairing them this winter

Failing Industrial Gutters - Don't put off repairing them this winter

Make sure your industrial gutters are adequately prepared so they can do their job this winter

After months of sunshine and very little rain Britain is getting its’ fair share of downpours - hooray for the replenishing reservoirs but not so much joy for the problems it brings to the material weathering of industrial buildings...particularly the gutters which face the brunt of taking rain away from the building.

How do industrial gutters protect a building?

So the obvious answer is they collect water draining from the roof, leading it to the downpipes to the drains... but what if the gutters are blocked, broken, overflowing - what are the implications?

If the drains are blocked or even if the rain is heavy enough, you might see water overflowing the gutters, spilling onto foundations and running down your walls leading to potential water ingress. Water ingress = water infiltrating the brick work = DAMP = big repair problems and big money needing to be spent.

But what about the actual gutters?

If the gutters are collecting water but it has nowhere to go, the damage on the gutters is happening at speed. Corrosion around the joints and fixings in a gutter is where it will start – corroding bolts and failing sealant creates weak points in the gutters...enabling water to seep through and create the issues mentioned above. The gutter lengths will also corrode creating holes and breakages. All of this is repairable and better still, preventable.

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How do you know if your gutters are up to the job?

If you own or are involved in the maintenance of large industrial buildings, regular maintenance checks and repairs are a must – preventative steps to keep on top of defects and corrosion issues will help pro-long the life of your roof.

Checking your gutters….Before you get up, look up. Can you see what is causing an obvious problem?

  • Water leaking from gutter joints (This is the biggest and first issue to occur)
  • Discolouration on the side of the building below the gutters where they may have overflowed and the water is pushing out the debris and mud.
  • Any decorative greenery growing out of the gutters? This should not be there, not only are they blocking the gutter but they are causing unnecessary weight.

    Invariably you will need to get up on the roof, especially for buildings that have valley gutters. What do you need to look out for?

  • Failing joints
  • ‘Pooling’ or ‘Standing’ water within the gutters caused by slow drainage is a major problem as over time the substrate will fail. If it’s a metal gutter, corrosion will eventually set in that will need to be repaired, coated or replaced.
  • General debris, leaves, rubbish even nesting birds can build up over time, this will block the gutters – creating weight, pooling water and overflow on to the facia of the building.


Lumm farm gutter - before 3

Find out more about repairing and maintaining your Industrial Gutters? Click here  

Keep your gutters maintained and protected for years to come

Routine checking is key to keep on top of your gutter maintenance issues, however there will be problems that will need attention to pro-long the life of your gutters.

A waterproof gutter coating can be used instead of replacing an entire system and as a way of preventing issues arising.

Depending on the substrate you’ll need to take different steps to repair and coat your gutters….

Metal industrial gutters: It is suggested to spot prime areas of corrosion as well as joints and fixings of a gutter. Advantage® Sealant will provide extra protection.

Following with a single coat of Advantage® for Gutters which has added microfibres, provides extra strength and more body to get the correct thickness in one coat on the vertical sides of the gutter.P&o after - gutters

Asbestos or concrete gutters: due to their microporous nature, they will require a full prime before applying Advantage® for Gutters.

Both systems are damp tolerant on application, meaning applicators can get the job done right throughout the year. So, if you have any condensation or any water residue you simply need to wipe it away, providing a greater degree of flexibility, and allowing projects to be completed more efficiently.

Advantage® for Gutters also comes with a 15 year warrantee giving you confidence in choosing the system and reassurance that providing regular maintenance is carried out (removal of dirt and debris) your gutters will last for many years to come. To find out more click below or call our team of experts on the 01453 872850 to talk through and gutter queries. 

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