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Why do you need to add Contingency to liquid roof coating estimates?

Why do you need to add Contingency to liquid roof coating estimates?

The Importance of adding contingency for quotes on liquid roof coatings estimates 

When it comes to industrial roofing jobs, one crucial aspect is the accuracy of the estimates provided. Whether you're a specifier, contractor or a building owner, ensuring that the quote encompasses all potential costs is essential for a successful project. This blog will explore the significance of adding contingency to the liquid roof coatings quotes you receive from suppliers, as the industry standard is to price based on the theoretical coverage…and why it is necessary to mitigate unforeseen expenses and ensure a smooth project execution.


Including contingency provisions in quotes for liquid roof coatings is crucial for multiple reasons:


Firstly, roof conditions  - they can be unpredictable, and hidden issues may arise during the application process. Structural damage, moisture problems, or inadequate preparation of the roof surface can impact the coating's performance and require additional work. By including a contingency in the quote, contractors can address unforeseen challenges without disrupting the project timeline or incurring unexpected costs. It’s worth noting, Alltimes Coatings will always provide a free site inspection to help assess conditions and include this within the quote.


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Secondly, who's doing the work - the expertise and method of the contractor will change between contractors. If they are spraying, which will create a better finish, then the pump and pipes need to be filled, there could be excess coating that doesn’t get used in this method. With spraying, depending on the angle of the roof, some coating may be lost in the atmosphere. If applied by brush, then there is excess on the brush and rollers. Be honest, do your contractors use every last drop and ring out the rollers. In our experience on some projects we view, there is a good inch of product left in a tin….with multiple tins this does mount up. And let's not forget spillage!


Lastly, fluctuating costs - the cost of materials can fluctuate over time. When is the project your specifying likely to take place? We often get asked about ‘future pricing’. Including contingency funds accounts for potential price variations. This ensures that the project can proceed smoothly without delays or compromises.


Adding contingency for quotes on liquid roof coatings not only protects contractors from unexpected expenses but also ensures the overall success of the project. By including contingency funds, contractors can:


  1. Safeguard their reputation: Unexpected issues or cost overruns can damage a contractor's reputation. Including contingency provisions demonstrates professionalism and accountability, allowing contractors to handle unforeseen circumstances without compromising the quality of their work.
  2. Minimise project disruptions: Contingency funds provide flexibility to address unforeseen challenges promptly, minimising disruptions to the project timeline. This enables a smooth workflow and ensures timely project completion.
  3. Enhance client satisfaction: Clients value transparency and reliability. By including contingency provisions in quotes, contractors build trust and demonstrate their commitment to delivering a successful project. Clients will appreciate the proactive approach and the ability to handle unexpected situations effectively.

Ultimately, the addition of contingency in quotes ensures a smooth project execution, leading to successful outcomes and long-lasting roofs that provide the desired benefits for building owners.


It is industry standard to provide quotes based on the measurements provided, theoretical coverage rates and the conditions assessed. It is up to the contractor or specifier to include a contingency, which Alltimes Coatings would recommend to be 10% as a minimum, but we would provide guidance on a job-by-job basis.


Alltimes Coatings can provide guidance on what you should be getting quotes for on industrial roof coatings projects with the Advantage Systems for metal roofs, Gutters and Asbestos.


It goes without saying, when comparing quotes don’t just look at the bottom line, check you are matching the monetary amounts quoted with the method and quantities provided. And ask yourself....


  • Who is the contractor, what methods do they use?
  • What is the overall spread rate depending on the product?

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