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Rely on Alltimes Coatings to Make Your Project Run Smoothly
Rely on Alltimes to make your project run smoothly


Support begins way before works start on site. If you’re a contractor, we’ll help you get the right product into the right job, with the right support.

If you’re a specifier, you’ll get access to a range of specification tools – giving you confidence that you’re making the right decision at every stage of the project.

Let us Guide You Through the Process by Providing:

  • Free estimates & consultations
  • Free roof condition support surveys
  • Training & technical support
  • CPDs
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Site visits / checks
site support during your industrial roof coating

Free Quotes & Consultations

All guidance is completely impartial, and if we don't think any of our solutions are a match for you, we'll tell you that plain and simple.

For contractors, get impartial help and guidance on your roofing, cladding or dilapidation works, making it easier for you to provide the best solution possible. We'll match the project requirements to a suitable coating and give you the perfect answer, as well as the best chances of winning that job.

Free estimates and consultations for your Industrial Roof Coating
Free Roof Condition Support Surveys

Free Roof Condition Support Surveys

We'll be on the roof beside you, deciding on the best solution – whether this is full or partial coating, as well as more sensitive restoration areas, such as detailing, cracks, holes, joint leaks. At all times, we’ll be mindful of your budget.

Better yet, if we can involve your customer in the upfront process, we can explain the impact that corrosion and leaking will have. We'll talk through any objections they may have and help secure the job for you.

Free site surveys carried out by our team of technical services managers. This can then be used to schedule a bespoke system specification.

Training and Technical Support

Training & Technical Support

Whether this is on site, at your premises, or with us… this is not just another training day.

After training you can work with some of the most advanced liquid sealant systems on the market.

Plus, you'll have an answer for every question the customer throws at you. And there could be a lot of new customers-- once approved, we could pass you leads for lucrative projects.

CPD's for Metal Roof Repairs

CPDs for Roof Repairs

Discover how graphene is dramatically changing corrosion prevention in the coatings industry.

In this 45-minute CPD, learn about: what rust is, why it happens, and most importantly, what we can do about it. It will cover current coating technologies and the dramatic step-change the addition of graphene (to a hybrid coating) is making.

You will learn about this cutting-edge technology, it's eco-credentials and the impact it is having on rust prevention and the metal roofing industry.

Warranties for up to 30 years


We have a range of warranties available for your peace of mind from product warranties up to 30 years, to insurance backed guarantees and 10 years Full Latent Defects insurance covering everything from material, labour and access costs.

The Advantage Roof Coating System for Contractors

The metal roof coating system that everyone is talking about.

Our Advantage range provides total building protection:

  • Includes Graphene for exceptional corrosion resistance that can increase substrate life for many years 
  • Damp tolerant during application
  • Solvent and VOC Free
  • Easy re-coating
  • Impact resistant
  • One coat application after preparation
  • No shrinkage on curing
  • System designed to provide minimal trafficking of the roof during application


  • UV resistant
  • Long term reliability
  • Application temperature 3°C and 60°C
  • Microporous to allow substrate to breath
  • Flexible coating with elongation to copy with thermal movement 
  • Minimal weight gain to roof after application
  • High weather and UV resistance for this one coat system
  • UK Underwritten latent defect Insurance is available 

Instantly stop corrosion and waterproof virtually any metal structure in a single application, with 30-year guarantee.

Maximum protection with minimum preparation. Get up to 15 years of rust protection in a single application.

Avoid the costs of removing and disposing of your asbestos roof by encapsulating harmful fibres and waterproofing your building for years to come.

Seamless gutter repairs that outlast the competition with up to 15 years of waterproofing.

Clear coating with excellent UV, mechanical and temperature resistance for renovating aged GRP rooflights.

Aside from the Advantage® graphene range, we have a whole selection of coating products to meet your project demands.

Delivering Results

Delivering Results Testimonials

"The longest warranty offered on a roof coating system matching that of some re-roofs The system is very easy to apply and has a really nice flow and durable finish Great customer service and in particular technical knowledge"

M.Hallwood , Cladding Coatings

“I have been really impressed with the Advantage Graphene system. It’s really straightforward to use, has provided a fantastic coating finish and has given me the reassurance that it is providing a long lasting solution for my clients”

D.Knight , Comm Commercial Roofing & Cladding

"We had a very tricky 1000 M2 roof to complete, but Alltimes have been excellent from start to finish, from their technical side to the actual quality of the product. Advantage Graphene is very user friendly and I only had positive reviews from the lads on site. They loved how easy it was to install and the low amount of odours it emits compared to other manufactures. The client was stunned with the finished product. I will definitely be using them again."

D.King  , DJ Sourthern Roofing

“We’ve worked with Alltimes and the Advantage Systems on many Metal and Asbestos Roof jobs – not only is the product the best we’ve used for ease of application and performance, but the team are always very helpful, responsive and knowledgeable”

Approved Contractor , Independent
"Working with Alltimes is a great partnership start to finish. We know we’re getting a superior product with the Advantage metal roof coating as it’s easy to use and has a 30 year warranty. They also know their stuff – from initial inspection through to application training the team offer honest, knowledgeable support"
Bret Bishop , Aplex Contracts Ltd

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