Advantage Graphene® metal roof coating system
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Advantage® Graphene for Metal Roofs

Advantage graphene metal roof waterproof coating

The industrial metal roof system that instantly stops corrosion, waterproofing virtually any metal structure in one, single application. 30-year warranty.

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Waterproof Coating For Metal Roofs

Waterproof coating for metal roofs

Advantage® for Metal Roofs is a single-component, solvent free metal roof coating system with added graphene for exceptional corrosion resistance, making it the unrivalled choice for both contractors and specifiers.

"The system is very easy to apply and has a really nice flow and durable finish"

M.Hallwood - Cladding Coatings 


The moisture cured anti corrosion hybrid coating is damp tolerant during application and can be easily recoated. It provides excellent UV and mechanical protection while working with the thermal movement required from temperature changes that are experienced throughout the year.

Stronger than Steel, but thinner than any other material

If you are specifying work on a metal roof, knowing about the properties of graphene is crucial. One of the smallest materials currently known, it contains tiny particles of carbon – which is added to the metal primer and top coat – significantly enhancing corrosion resistance. In its purest form, it is stronger than steel, lightweight and thinner than any other material. All this and just one atom thick!

It guarantees to help industrial metal roofs become impenetrable to atmospheric, marine and chemical elements, forming a barrier to water, contaminants and salt molecules.

Application all year round 

Applied in a range of conditions, Advantage® Graphene means you no longer have to only work around fair weather, and boasts superior adhesion and flexibility, making it the smart choice for building professionals all year round.

Why not take part in our free, on demand CPD to find out more about the properties of graphene, or simply call for a face-to-face presentation delivered to your offices.

Key Performance Features

Anthracite Grey Colour


Anthracite Grey

30 years warranty


30 Year Warranty

3-60 degree application temperature

Application Temperature:

3°C – 60°C

Why Select Advantage® for Metal Roofs to Protect Your Roof?

Why Select Advantage to protect your metal roof?
Metal roof coating system with better working window

Better Working Window

Greater working flexibility – the coating’s damp tolerance means that you are not limited to working day length, seasons and poor weather conditions.

Flexible coating with elongation


Flexible coating with elongation so that the application moves with the roof’s fluctuations throughout the year.

Only a single coat needed

Single Coat

After correct preparation, you only need a single coat of Advantage® Graphene to provide extensive protection to your industrial pitched roof.

30 years warranty

30-Year Guarantee

Added graphene means a 30-year guarantee, so you can be safe that your industrial pitched roof is well protected for years to come.

Application Examples

Application examples of coating a metal roof

Preparation is key and attention to detail can turn a poor job into a great job. This is where the specification and materials can make a real difference.

Water getting into laps of metal roof

If a roof is going to leak, it must be via a penetration. The most probable places are:

  • Water getting into laps
  • Missing and failed Fixings
  • Failed seals around rooflights
  • Holes caused by corrosion
  • Failed or incorrectly fitted seals around penetrations (such as vents, ducting etc)
Sealing of Sheet Overlaps

Sealing of sheet overlaps

Corrosion tends to start when the metal sheets on the roof overlap. As water gets in to lifting or failed seals, capillary action will start, making sheets corrode right through from underneath.

With Advantage® for Metal Roofs, you don’t get this problem. It’s far tougher and, as well as being a sealant, it’s also an adhesive.

Not only that, if small spots of damp appear on the laps whilst sealing, you can simply wipe then away. 

Sealing of corroded bolts

Sealing of corroded bolts

The fixings are invariably in the trough of a metal roof profile, leaving potentially thousands of leak points.

Our specification includes treating them quickly and simply. After applying the anti-corrosion primer the fixings are coated  with a fibre reinforced version of  Advantage® before the main coating system is applied to the whole roof. 

This gives that extra protection, peace of mind and ensures the longevity of the system.

Delivering Results

Delivering Results Testimonials

"The longest warranty offered on a roof coating system matching that of some re-roofs The system is very easy to apply and has a really nice flow and durable finish Great customer service and in particular technical knowledge"

M.Hallwood , Cladding Coatings

“I have been really impressed with the Advantage Graphene system. It’s really straightforward to use, has provided a fantastic coating finish and has given me the reassurance that it is providing a long lasting solution for my clients”

D.Knight , Comm Commercial Roofing & Cladding

"We had a very tricky 1000 M2 roof to complete, but Alltimes have been excellent from start to finish, from their technical side to the actual quality of the product. Advantage Graphene is very user friendly and I only had positive reviews from the lads on site. They loved how easy it was to install and the low amount of odours it emits compared to other manufactures. The client was stunned with the finished product. I will definitely be using them again."

D.King  , DJ Sourthern Roofing

“We’ve worked with Alltimes and the Advantage Systems on many Metal and Asbestos Roof jobs – not only is the product the best we’ve used for ease of application and performance, but the team are always very helpful, responsive and knowledgeable”

Approved Contractor , Independent
"Working with Alltimes is a great partnership start to finish. We know we’re getting a superior product with the Advantage metal roof coating as it’s easy to use and has a 30 year warranty. They also know their stuff – from initial inspection through to application training the team offer honest, knowledgeable support"
Bret Bishop , Aplex Contracts Ltd

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