Advantage® Metal Roof Coating Systems

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Advantage® Graphene & Advantage® 20
The Hard-Wearing Industrial Metal Roof Coatings.



Single coat, damp tolerant, spray or brush application instantly waterproofs and stops corrosion. Can be applied between 3°C - 60°C.

Be less dependent on weather, save time, and reduce machinery costs.



High value system with no shrinkage. A stronger than steel metal coating with a breathable microporous and impact resistant formula.

Longevity is ensured by UV and weather resistance and elongation with temperature change. Independently proven to be fire safe and resistant to salt, (protecting buildings close to the coast).

30 20 shield


Addition of Graphene to the primer of both systems and top-coat of Advantage® Graphene is crucial in preventing corrosion from happening again

The 2D atomic Graphene structure is only 1 atom thick. The tiny spacing between the Graphene molecules prevents larger contaminate and water particles getting through to cause corrosion.

Reassuring 30-year warranty for Advantage® Graphene and a 20-year warranty for Advantage® 20, as well as the option of an independent 12-year insurance.



Heavy metal, solvent, VOC and isocyanate free.

Designed and proven to limit impact on the environment and users’ health. The industrial coating choice for workers and the environment that is easy and safe to transport and store.


Alltimes Coatings and Cladding Coatings

The Challenge

  • Synertec’s industrial metal roof had large areas of the original coating missing.
  • The old silicone Cut Edge Corrosion had failed in places and completely came off during cleaning

Before Application

  • A site-survey was conducted with our technical team and the contractor, Cladding Coatings.
  • Drone footage was used to identify the industrial metal roof dilapidation.
  • Collaboration with contractors identified areas of unsealed edges, laps, and detailed Cut Edge Corrosion.
  • (These areas needed to be addressed before coating the industrial metal roof).
  • A small area was tested to ensure that Advantage® Graphene would adhere well to old treatments.
  • (This worked extremely well, but during cleaning of the metal roof with a high pressure washer the original silicone on sheet ends and overlaps came off).

During Application

  • One coat of Advantage® Metal Primer was applied to all areas of surface rust.
  • Advantage® Fibres was used around all fixings.
  • The over-laps were sealed using Advantage® Sealant and Advantage® Graphene.
  • One coat of Advantage® Graphene For Metal Roofs was applied to create a corrosion and moisture protected roof.
  • Inspections were made throughout the project to ensure the process was going smoothly.
  • Application support was provided for tougher areas.


  • Graphene enhancement to a superior coating ensures enhanced corrosion resistance, increasing the longevity of the repair.
  • Money and time savings were made on product and labour compared to a traditional coating.
  • The 30 year warranty for roofs and 15 year warranty for CEC ensures peace of mind.

“The system is very easy to apply and has a really nice flow and durable finish”

Mike Hallwood, Managing Director


The Challenge

  • A 980m² industrial roof was leaking in many areas.
  • A full clean was needed to see the damage extent.
  • The old sheet end treatment needed assessing for its soundness and integration into the new treatment.

Before Application

  • An initial site survey was carried out by us and the contractor Aplex.
  • The old edge treatment was found to be in a generally good condition.
  • Particularly problematic areas were identified and targeted treatment was recommend.
  • Areas of rust were pointed out and treatment for these was specified.
  • The flaking paint needed a high power wash to get it back to a sound paint.
  • An adhesion test was carried out to ensure compatibility between the old and new coating systems.

During Application

  • A single coat of Advantage® Graphene Metal Primer was applied to all areas where there was surface rust.
  • Advantage® Fibres helped to seal all fixings.
  • Advantage® Sealant and Advantage® Graphene were used to seal the over-laps and joints.
  • A single coat of Advantage® Graphene for Metal Roofs was applied to fully protect the roof against corrosion and moisture.
  • Site inspections were made at each stage of the project to ensure an accessible supportive presence.
  • On-site application support was provided for to help with tougher areas.


  • The client benefited from detailed, collaborative advice that ensured the old Cut Edge Corrosion treatment did not compromise the new work.
  • The contractors benefited from dedicated training and site visits.
  • Money and time were saved through reduced product and labour time.
  • A 30 year warranty for the Graphene enhanced corrosion resistant coating guarantees long-lasting protection.

“We know we’re getting a superior product with the Advantage metal roof coating and it’s easy to use and has a 30 year warranty”

Brett Bishop, Director

Providing Efficient, Long-Lasting Solutions for Specifiers, Contractors, and Building Owners

Looking for a coating that is safe and easy to apply that you can use all year round?

Advantage® Systems for Metal Roofs are your solvent-free, anti-corrosion solutions which don’t clog up in spray machines, reducing your total application time and making your equipment clean-up so much easier.

As you’ll need to use far less product, storage and transport costs are minimised, and you won’t need to wait for a long weather window either thanks to Advantage® Systems for Metal Roofs tolerance to damp.

In terms of convenience, application time, and your team’s health (there are no nasty particles to breath in), Alltimes Coatings have you covered.

Looking for a way to stop leaks damaging the interior and exterior of your building and put a stop to future corrosion?

When addressing inconvenient and costly leaks, you want to know you’ve found a long-lasting solution and that’s exactly what Advantage® Systems for Metal Roofs from Alltimes Coatings offers.

With 30 and 20-year guarantee options, the backing of independent insurers and a seal of approval from contractors for its ease and safety of application, these products offer you convenience, durability, and finish.

Only Advantage® Systems for Metal Roofs can give you the confidence that you’ve effectively and responsibly solved the problem of costly inconvenient leaks for the long-term.

Looking for a long-lasting industrial metal roof coating that improves project outcomes and fills your clients with confidence?

Easy to use and loved by applicators, Advantage® Systems have all the anti-corrosion properties you need with the environmental profile you want. Advantage®  Systems are solvent and VOC free, making them not only a better choice for the environment, but also for your team.

Applied in just one coat, these superior products from Alltimes Coatings withstand thermal movement and stands the test of time, backed up by a reassuring 30 or 20-year warranty and independent 12-year Latent Defects Insurance.

You can ensure that your clients get the best possible job done by choosing Advantage® for Metal Roofs.

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Advantage® - Fixing Your Corrosion Problems

The Industrial Roof Coating That Meets Everyone’s Needs

sheet overlaps

Sealing of sheet overlaps

The areas where metal sheets on your roof overlap can be a common place to find corrosion.


As water gets in to lifting or failed seals, it begins a capillary process, allowing the moisture to travel inside the overlap, making your sheets corrode right through from their untreated underside.

Using Advantage® Systems on your metal roof allows you to avoid this problem completely. Not only are this technologically advanced products from Alltimes Coatings tougher than most, but they also have the added benefit of being an adhesive as well as a sealant.

What’s more, since Advantage® Systems are resistant to dampness upon application, any moisture that forms during the sealing process can simply be wiped away and this means that your entire job will be finished without any delay.

Holes Caused By Corrosion

Removing holes caused by corrosion

Corrosion isn’t just unsightly; it introduces small holes and cracks where water can enter and cause significant damage to your buildings, inside and out.


The process of rusting forms iron oxide which takes up more space than the original metal, expanding with a force that causes the surface to strain and split. The resulting damage forms more exposed areas, more corrosion, and a spreading of rust which then introduces even more breaches.

Alltimes Coatings’ Graphene-based metal roof protection coating is the most technologically advanced coating on the market.

Having thoroughly cleaned away existing corrosion and removed all debris, its application will provide an unrivalled barrier of protection between your roof and the elements and prevent the formation of further corrosion holes.

Corroded Bolts

Sealing corroded bolts

Bolts and other fixings will invariably be sited in the troughs of your metal roof profile, introducing a high potential for water ingress and damaging leaks.


Whilst the main part of your roof may have been treated, the assumption is often that the fixings are water-tight and subsequently need no further attention. This is not the case, and they can, through time, simply form a conduit through which gathered moisture can travel.

With Alltimes Coatings, the comprehensive service you receive includes the effective treatment of bolts and associated hardware.

After treatment with an anti-corrosion primer, all fixings are coated with a fibre reinforced version of Advantage® before the main coating system is applied – an unrivalled level of protection, providing you with an exceptional degree of confidence.

Failed seals on penetrations

Addressing failed seals on penetrations

Penetrations are any form of flu, vent etc. which pass through the main body of your roof.


Problems can be caused if any of your vents, ducting or stack have been fitted incorrectly, but it’s often more a question of positioning (lower sited penetrations tend to cause most issues), or the fact that the edges of the protrusions haven’t received any adequate form of protection.

When you choose Advantage® Systems you get a smooth, robust coating that can be applied to your whole roof area. Any specific areas of weakness can be targeted, and your vents and roof additions can receive a full coating of a fibre-reinforced version of Advantage® prior to your main coat application.

This fully weather-proofs every penetration regardless of where it is situated and gives you 100% peace of mind that your entire roof will remain water-tight.

Corrosion on Metal Roofs CPD - Add to Your CPD Points

Cutting Edge Graphine enhanced rust prevention Coating for Metal Roofs.

What You Learn

  • What rust is, why it happens, what we can do to prevent it.
  • What Graphene is and how it is revolutionising corrosion prevention coatings.
  • How Graphene enhanced roof coatings are designed to protect the environment and limit the impact on users’ health.

How It Works

  • Completeley FREE (45-minute CPD).
  • Available to specifiers, contractors, and their teams.
  • In person on-site, at your office, or via video call.

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The Industrial Roof Coating That Meets Everyone’s Needs

Advantage® for Metal Roofs, containing Graphene, is our anthracite grey, single component metal roof coating. The benefits of this Alltimes Coatings product are many - not only in terms of the effectiveness and longevity of protection it will give you, but also in the ease and safety of its application.

If you are a Contractor, you’ll welcome the fact that the formulation of this metal roof coating is solvent-free and poses no respiratory risk to your employees. Since it is unaffected by damp conditions, there’s also no need for your team to wait for the elusive ‘perfect weather window’.

Once they get going, the application process can be completed with the minimum of fuss or mess. There’s no clogging of your machinery, no need for you to handle or store large volumes of product, no catalyst or mixing to factor in, and no complications when you recoat.

If, as a Building Owner or Manager, you worry about the integrity of your roofing, you will perhaps be most impressed by the 30-year warranty and the peace of mind there is in knowing that your metal roof is left impenetrable to atmospheric, marine or chemical elements – a fact that is of particular value if you have facilities close to the sea or have on-site processes emitting localised fumes.

Thanks to the tiny particles of carbon within the metal primer and topcoat to significantly enhance corrosion resistance, Advantage® for Metal Roofs also offers valuable reassurance to the Specifiers and End Users amongst you. You will know that you have chosen the very best industrial metal roof coating system available and will have saved yourselves and your businesses from the damage, inconvenience and substantial costs that can arise when buildings aren’t adequately protected.

If you would like to learn more about the high quality, good value, bespoke service offered by Alltimes Coatings - or how clients just like you find our guaranteed and independently proven Advantage® solution fast, efficient, safe, and easy to handle then simply get in touch.

Every member of our team is knowledgeable and experienced. We would love to hear about your specific project – get in touch using the form above.

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