The Problem

  • Synertec wanted to complete repairs to all aspects of their industrial unit, the industrial metal roof being an area of concern with large areas of the original coating missing
  • The old silicone cut-edge-corrosion had failed in places and completely came off during cleaning

Synertec Warrington Cladding Coatings During Roof RefurbishmentCopy of D Knight testimonial

How did we approach the challenge:

There was an initial site-survey visit between our technical team and the contractor Cladding Coatings, where drone footage identified the industrial metal roof dilapidation. We worked with the contractor to point out areas where there were unsealed edges, laps and detailed cut-edge-corrosion, areas that all needed to be addressed before coating the industrial metal roof.

A test was made to ensure that Advantage® Graphene adhered well to the old treatments to reduce the work required. This worked extremely well, however, during cleaning of the metal roof, all the original silicone on sheet ends and overlaps came off with the high pressure washer.