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Flat roof repair in pictures: HyperCoat

2 June 2016

Repair flat roofs quickly and easily with a reliable rubber roofing material, and get years of protection from rainfall and relentless UV rays.

From market leaders, ISO Paints

HyperCoat is a flagship roof coating from ISO Paints, market leaders in the competitive roofing markets of Scandinavia and Northern Europe. It's a tough rubber roof coating that's resistant to chemicals, thermal damage and UV rays, resulting in a highly durable roof membrane that's still easy to apply.

  • Excellent adhesion to almost any surface, and can be paired with a specialist primer
  • Very good weather and UV resistance, so won't degrade other time and allow leaks to form
  • Breathable, preventing the build up of humidity under the coating
  • Impressively low cost per meter
  • Good chemical resistance, ideal for challenging locations
  • Straight on concrete, wood and corroded metal

Flat roof repair with HyperCoat, from start to finish

1) Measure roof, taking into account details and upstands. Then clean thoroughly. We recommend A-Clean to disinfect the surface.

Hypercoat Flat roof repair

2) To ensure correct coverage, work out how many tins will be needed for each section of the roof. Space tins apart so that you can clearly see how far each tin will cover. 

 Hypercoat flat roof repair

3) Begin coating roof details and edges, after adding butly tape or reinforcing matting over seams where necessary

Flat roof repair start

4) Apply using a short haired roller

HyperCoat rubber roofing

5) Looks messy, but it's easier to apply when you pour out a line of coating, then roller smooth

Rubber roofing repair

6) Coating the ends first means you don't coat yourself into a corner

 Flat roof repair

7) Continue coating the rest of the roof

Hypercoat flat roof repair system

8) All done! 

Hypercoat flat roof repair rubber

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