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Exterior Wall Painting in Merthyr Tydfil

Brighter, cleaner, and healthier walls: House painting in Merthyr Tydfil

Get an instantly cleaner, brighter and healthier property with the expert house painting contractors in Merthyr Tydfil. On top of years of proven experience and successful projects around Merthyr Tydfil, these painting contractors are equipped with advanced ISO Silicone Facade paint.

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ISO Silicone Facade: Advanced exterior paint for your home

Developed by market leaders in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, ISO Silicone Facade was designed for advanced colour and protection. Iso Silicone Façade uses the latest nano-technology for maximum protection against rain, damp, and all other weather conditions. It's hydrophobic properties (water shedding) means that it is also self cleaning, dirt repellent, and requires much less maintenance than ordinary wall paints, saving you time and money, as it protects your home and stays brighter and healthier for longer.

  • Up to 20 years durability with unique expert formula
  • Water resistant, so protects surface from water damage
  • Self-cleaning, inhibiting build up of dirt and grime
  • Great colour retention, remaining brighter for longer
  • Breathable, preventing and treating penetrating damp
  • Reduced energy bills with drier walls

ISO Silicone Facade has been relied on time and time again to protect and rejuvenate homes and commercial buildings just like yours. 

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Live in Merthyr Tydfil? We've got expert painting services near you. Call now on:

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Plus, invisible treatment for brighter, cleaner and healthier walls

Get up to 25 years protection on your facades with an advanced impregnation treatment. HydroBlock and ISO Dry are the latest developments from ISO Paint, backed up by 45 years of coatings experience. As impregnations, they go beyond mere brick sealants by penetrating the surface and turning it hydrophobic, meaning water bounces off or harmlessly beads on top.

Prevent penetrating damp and lower energy bills

An impregnation provides similar benefits as ISO Silicone Facade Paint does, but with invisible and superior results. Plus, enjoy the benefits of a cleaner and more attractive property.

  • Avoid future repair costs by avoiding frost damage now
  • Keep walls healthy and dry, meaning heat stays where it's meant to
  • More effective than brick sealants that simply stay on the surface
  • Self cleaning abilities mean less maintenance required

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More than a mere brick sealant

Used on Copenhagen's elephant enclosure, Hydroblock made the walls easier to clean and avoided future repairs.

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