Metal roof repair

Instantly stop corrosion and waterproof virtually any metal structure in a single application, whether big or small.

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For metal roofs there's only one rubber to turn to...

Liquid Rubber EPDM

Apply straight onto rust and instantly halt corrosion with the world's only EPDM in a liquid form, perfect for wateproofing and protecting metal roofs for years to come.

Unlike other metal coatings which need a primer and often multiple layers, especially for rust, Liquid EPDM has a superior enough chemistry that it can go straight on. This makes projects quicker and easier, and means less backache for the contractors.

Very low vapour transmission (breathability) make EPDM hydrophobic, meaning absolutely no water damage can occur to a protected surface. This is perfect for metal, and the reason why we always recommend EPDM for a metal surface.

  • World's only EPDM in a liquid form, with EPDM's unique weatherproofing abilities
  • Halts corrosion in one application. No primer or multiple layers needed
  • Quicker and easier to apply than many metal roof coatings, saving you time and money
  • Great flexibility and extreme temperature endurance means building movement isn't a problem
  • Can be spray, brush or roller applied
  • UV resistance gives a long life expectancy

As used on the Station Road Industrial Estate

 Metal roof repair       Metal roof repair

Liquid EPDM is often the roofers' first choice when faced with a metal structure. The quick and easy application with outstanding corrosion protection and waterproofing results make this an ever popular coating. 

"We have ordered over 1000 gallons this year and the product truly lives up to its name. We have won three bids using your product because of our ability to stand behind our work."

H W Property Management

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