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Alltimes Coatings’ Advantage for metal roofs is now more robust than ever, with added graphene!

Graphene possesses an unsurpassed combination of mechanical, electrical and thermal properties, and was first isolated in 2004 by Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov at The University of Manchester. They used sticky tape to remove single layers from the surface of graphite and deposit them onto a silicon wafer, and went on to receive the 2010 Nobel Prize for Physics for their discovery of this game-changing material.

In its purest form, graphene has a molecular structure comprising of a single layer of carbon atoms bonded in a hexagonal structure. It is 200 times stronger than steel and it is the thinnest known material in existence, The addition of graphene to our Advantage roof coating has been made possible through Alltimes’ collaboration with Applied Graphene Material Ltd (Redcar, UK), who specialise in adapting particulate forms of graphene for dispersion into different materials, thus enhancing their resistance to atmospheric, marine or chemical elements.

AGM manufacture graphene, from sustainable sources, in a few atomic layers format for dispersion into coatings. They use processes to ensure their graphene is almost completely free of graphitic impurities, graphene oxide or transition metals, and, typically, just 1 g of graphene in this form has a total surface area of over 350m2. It is graphene’s unique properties that give Advantage coating superior adhesion and flexibility, dramatically improving its life-expectancy.It’s still the same ultra-thin, lightweight, re-coatable roofing system that roofers have come to depend on, but the addition of graphene creates a ‘tortuous pathway’ for water molecules, oxygen and salt to pass through. Put simply, it forms a barrier that is virtually impenetrable, giving unparalleled protection for your metal roof against corrosion and rust.

Advantage Graphene has undergone rigorous testing to ISO:9227 with neutral salt spray for 5000 hours and is now an approved enhanced metal roof coating with industry-leading resistance to corrosion. The results are clear to see. It can still be applied in damp conditions, and is breathable, even through resting rainfall, to help maintain a constant building temperature.

In fact, it retains all the amazing benefits of our original product and comes with our 30-year guarantee.

 anti corrosion properties of metal roof coating