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Repairing the Roof of a Champion

Repairing the Roof of a Champion

Unless you’ve been hidden under a rock over the past few weeks, it would have been hard to escape the formidable news that Emma Raducanu made history by becoming the first qualifier and youngest British player to win a Grand Slam title at the US Open. As well as becoming our first women’s singles major title winner for 44 years!


She has made us all very proud…however I was even prouder when reading through the papers the next day, to see in her younger years she trained at the Parklangley Club.

That name rang a bell and that’s because Alltimes Coatings, working with DN Commercial Coatings, provided our Advantage Graphene metal roof coating to repair the roof of one of the buildings last year.

It was a metal roof that was corroding and starting to have leakage problems.


That’s where our Advantage Graphene coating came into play. Advantage Graphene for metal roofs has unparalleled corrosion resistance. It’s a lightweight, re-coatable roofing system that roofers have come to depend on, but the addition of graphene creates a ‘tortuous pathway’ for water molecules, oxygen and salt to pass through. Put simply, it forms a barrier that is virtually impenetrable, giving unparalleled protection for your metal roof against corrosion and rust. 

Along with a 30-year warranty we know it will provide a leak and corrosion-free roof for many years to come, hopefully protecting many more champions in their early tennis careers.


Nigel Alltimes

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