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CPDs: What’s Driving Your Decisions?

CPDs: What’s Driving Your Decisions?

What constitutes an effective CPD? How do you decide which CPD to go for?


Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a crucial element towards the enhancement of both personal and professional skills, and if you’re an architect or surveyor, it’s a mandatory commitment - with a certain number of hours allotted to CPD each year.

The Coronavirus pandemic has certainly forced manufacturers to digitise their CPD delivery approach, and this has led to countless options that architects, surveyors and other construction professionals can access to better their understanding of key topics.

What Are The Main Drivers Around Deciding What CPDs To Take?

Depending on whether you act as an independent or are part of a large network, the CPDs you take may vary based on a variety of different factors.

It can be a personal decision based on areas where you feel you need to learn more, your decision could be based on a specific job coming up.

Or does Head Office stipulate what CPDs you should take based on the nature of your business? If so, does this enhance or reduce your learning potential?

Your Choice of CPD

With so many out there, do you choose your CPD based on application, technique or specific products, and do these CPDs influence your decisions on which solutions you may use in the future?

If you like the format and/or content of a particular company’s CPD, will that compel you to work with that company?

A Change In Culture

With digital CPDs quickly becoming a new norm, this different approach may be affecting your learning.

Are you enjoying this remote approach, or are you more of a face-to-face type of person?

If digital CPDs continue to take centre stage, are they doing enough to keep you engaged? If not, what could be done more?

All of the above are key considerations for anyone undertaking CPD and should be drivers in your decision-making process.

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Why You Should Consider Our ‘Rust Never Sleeps’ CPD


When you undertake CPD, you want to ensure that it tackles the learning aims as set out by your curriculum, whether that’s the RIBA or any other certified body in which you belong.

The most successful CPDs encourage professionals to seek solutions that are different from what they’ve been accustomed to, and that’s where our “Rust Never Sleeps” CPD stands out.

The CPD discusses, in-depth, what causes dilapidated metal on commercial and industrial roofs, and how the use of graphene-enhanced roof coatings can significantly improve roof longevity.

The 45-minute session is broken down into small, bite-sized videos that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. After each video, you will be given a ‘mini quiz’ to test your knowledge on what has previously been covered, with a certificate of completion awarded at the end.

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Share Your Thoughts

We’re keen to get your thoughts on what drives you to undertake CPD, so feel free to drop in any responses to the above question in the comments section below.

And, of course, make sure you take a look at our Rust Never Sleeps CPD session. It’s free to access any time.

Further Reading

CPD points can also be achieved by reading any form of technical literature. Below, we’ve curated a list of titles that you may find useful:

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