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Advantage Graphene Metal Roof Protection: The Eco Credentials

Advantage Graphene Metal Roof Protection: The Eco Credentials

Advantage Graphene roof coating is simply an enhancement of the already advanced and protective hybrid coating, Advantage. It combines the best properties of silicone and polyurethane to protect the surface of metal from oxygen and water and therefore rust.

However, in conventional coatings, moisture and contaminants can eventually pass through the coating or paint to the substrate. This will lead to corrosion and rust over time. Fortunately, adding graphene to our hybrid roof coating creates a superior protective barrier that is virtually impenetrable.

This graphene technology is revolutionising the coatings industry.

Graphene has unique properties that provide advanced metal roof protection but also drastically reduce the environmental impact of traditional coatings. This makes Advantage Graphene coating a remarkable and eco-friendly solution.

Read on further to discover what contributes to Advantage Graphene’s amazing eco-credentials.

Solvent and VOC Free Protection for Metal Roofs

Solvents are found in a lot of paints, glues and coatings and most coatings rely on them to make them easy to apply and spray.

The issue with solvents is that they are extremely environmentally harmful due to releasing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere. These chemicals are toxic and pollute the air as it contributes to ground level ozone that is harmful to animals and humans.

Fortunately, Advantage Graphene roof coating does not need solvents because it has been designed to be easy to apply – even when spraying. This is extremely beneficial for the environment when you consider that some paints and coatings can include over 50% solvents and a roof coating typically 15-20%.

Isocyanate Free Roof Protection

Isocyanates are found in many foams, varnishes and coatings. However, they are extremely reactive, and the breakdown of their substance can be toxic when absorbed through the skin.

Being exposed to isocyanates, whether in mist, vapour or dust form, can cause chemical burns and asthma attacks. Even worse, when heated, isocyanates can cause toxic fumes such as nitrogen oxides, hydrogen cyanide and carbon monoxide which are extremely poisonous when breathed in.

Advantage Graphene coating contains no fumes or vapours, especially not toxic ones. This is because Advantage Graphene coating is 100% solids. This is extremely beneficial to those who need to apply the coating.

Odour free

Advantage Graphene coating is the perfect solution for protecting metal buildings which are sensitive to odours such as food factories. Unpleasant odours from coatings can linger for periods of time and can impact the working schedule of the building.

Advantage Graphene coating is odour free, reducing any impact on the workers and schedule of the project.

100% solids

Advantage Graphene coating is 100% solids so none of the contents are released into the atmosphere. This is great from a value for money perspective but is also extremely important for environmental protection. Each tin of graphene coating covers more surface which means a drastic reduction in raw materials for the coating as well as packaging and shipping.

One tin of Advantage Graphene would coat the equivalent of 6 tins of a typical polyurethane coating.

Unrivalled life expectancy

Advantage Graphene roof coating has dramatically longer life expectancy than other coating materials. For example, at Alltimes Coatings we provide a 30-year product warranty and a 12-year latent defects insurance on our Advantage Graphene roof coating.

This provides incredible benefits from an environmental perspective. Longer life expectancy means reduced maintenance but even more importantly much less need for replacement metal, saving on raw materials. There is also the advantage of having to remove less corroded metal, which needs to be disposed of responsibly and sustainably.

Conclusion: Choose Advantage Graphene Metal Roof Protection

Graphene is an incredible material and has exponential benefits, especially within the coatings industry. It provides unparalleled protection from rust and corrosion to all metal surfaces whilst still being easy and convenient to apply. Advantage Graphene has enabled the roofing coatings industry to take an enormous step forward for innovation and technology.

Alltimes Coatings have developed Advantage Graphene as the solution to every industrial metal roof due to its advanced properties from the addition of graphene into its hybrid technology. Alltimes Advantage is the most advanced and protective roof coating on the market.

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