Masonry paint and impregnations

Treat penetrating damp and get healthier walls with the advanced paint and invisible treatments that are leading the industry.

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ISO Silicone Facade Paint

More than just a splash of colour. Silicone Facade uses the lastest scientific advancements to keep your walls bright, dry and healthy for up to 20 years. It's also packed with benefits that ordinary paints don't have.

Treat penetrating damp and frost damage with Silicone Facade's vapour transmission (breathability). This allows harmless amounts of moisture through the wall, but blocks excessive water from penetrating. This means walls are kept dry and healthy, preventing and treating penetrating damp and frost damage.

Plus, reduce energy costs by keeping heat where it's meant to be.

  • Provides up to 20 years of durability, exceeding many other paints
  • Turns surface dirt and water repellent, avoiding costly cleaning or repair bills
  • Prevents growth of moss and algae by keeping surface dry
  • Protects against severe pollution in cities and industrial areas
  • Save up to 5% energy costs as apposed to other paints
  • Available in the most popular facade colours
  • Easy to apply and smooth to spray

As used on the YMCA Cornwall, Penzance

ISO silicone facade paint on the YMCA Cornwall

Silicone Facade is the paint of choice for professionals all over Europe, and combines long lasting results with a simple and smooth application.

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SuperArmour Clear Rubber

Nearly invisible coating that's also a highly durable rubber. Perfect for preserving masonry and enhancing original look and features, as well as easy graffiti removal and treating penetrating damp. High end chemistry means an expected life of 15 years.

This is the latest development from the coatings experts over at ProGuard, creators of the popular EPDM Liquid. The same level of advanced chemistry has gone into making SuperArmour such a highly effective masonry protector.

  • Clear and tough rubber, so ideal for protecting and preserving exterior brickwork and masonry
  • Moisture cured, ready for rain in just 1-3 hours
  • High end chemistry gives an expected life span of 15 years
  • Makes graffiti removal easier and self-cleaning abilities reduce dirt build up
  • UV absorber, so sun exposure doesn't prematurely degrade the coating

As a tough rubber, SuperArmour has a distinct advantage over other clear coatings, and provides a unique combination of protecting and enhancing masonry.

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SuperArmour clear coating          Ink spillage clean


A significant step up from a simple brick sealant, and as easy to apply. Invisible protection that penetrates deep below the surface to give effective and long lasting weatherproofing, as well as keeping substrates bright, clean and dry. 


Actively rebuilds your surface's original colour and look, and protects it from frost damage and penetrating damp for up to ten years.

This is an invisible treatment that goes beyond just sealing brickwork. Using the latest technology, HydroBlock penetrates deep within the substrate and chemically bonds with the material, turning it hydrophobic. 

  • Treat penetrating damp with a single breathable treatment
  • Prevent frost damage from cracking masonry by keeping walls dry
  • Invisible protection that enhances the current look and style
  • Self cleaning, meaning surfaces use the rain to clean themselves
  • Masonry stays brighter and healthier for longer
  • Prevents growth of moss, algae, and lichens
  • High coverage rate of 5m² per L

As used on the elephant enclosure in Copenhagen Zoo

HydroBlock is at the front of the latest trend in coatings, impregnations, which have the unique ability to provide invisible protection after a simple application. We believe HydroBlock has the longevity and reliability to outdo the others.

'It don’t look the part but it definitely is…It solves penetrating water coming through the pourous material for sure, saves money and time with so much less effort.'

-Celtic Heights

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ISO Dry Creme Extreme

Cleaner, brighter and drier walls for longer. This is the big brother of HydroBlock, with a life expectancy of up to 25 years and the ability to penetrate up to 17mm into brickwork.

Easy to apply with a brush or roller, ISO Dry has a creamy consistency on application. Once applied this turns invisible.

  • Suitable for both new and old mineral surfaces
  • Treat penetrating damp and prevent frost damage after just one application
  • Invisible protection that's easy to apply due to a creamy consistency
  • Effective on many mineral surfaces such as plaster, concrete, limestone and more
  • Self cleaning so maintenance costs are lowered
  • Penetrates very deeply into the material for proper adhesion
  • Keeps walls dry to ensure insulation properties of the masonry

ISO Dry is the ultimate impregnation for longevity and effectiveness, and the only choice for long life invisible protection.

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