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Stop leaks now and for years to come with the instant sealants that professional roofers rely on. 

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Pour N Plug

Conquer the conditions and seal leaks when other can't. Pour N Plug cures underwater and in cold, wet and low temperature conditions, just when you need it most.

An all seasons solution from the coatings experts over at ProGuard, Pour N Plug uses the latest advancements to do the impossible-- seal leaks under standing water and in cold temperatures. In other words, it gets the job done despite the conditions.

  • Plug leaks under standing water, great for instant flat roof repair
  • Suitable to use in cold and wet conditions, unlike most leak repairs
  • Plugs leaks by displacing water and filling the gap
  • Easy to apply and fast waterproofing
  • Can be top coated when conditions improve for a longer life span

Pour N Plug is an exciting and reliable favourite for the contractors' van, allowing you to stop leaks immediately no matter the conditions.

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