Caravan sealant

Instant and long term leak repair without even leaving your driveway. Liquid Roof is an easy to apply rubber coating especially designed with the flexibility and durability your vehicle's roof needs for long term waterproofing.

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Don't let a leaking caravan or motorhome roof dampen your holiday plans. Get a highly durable and long term fix with the world's only EPDM in a liquid form. This tough rubber is easy to apply with a brush and roller, and will have you back on the road in no time.

Liquid Roof

Finally, a reliable DIY fix for motorhome and caravan roofs. 

Unlike other roof sealants, Liquid Roof has the flexibility to withstand vehicle movements without losing adhesion, giving you long term waterproofing from a single application. 

  • One coat is all that's needed, reducing product cost and application time
  • High durability means long term waterproofing 
  • Years of reliability and a great reputation in the caravaning community
  • High flexibility means Liquid Roof can cope with vehicle movement
  • Quick and easy application makes it a perfect DIY project
  • Available in various sizes to suit your vehicle
  • Easily combined with butyl tape to cover holes and cracks

As used by Chipping Sodbury Caravans for their roof repairs


Liquid Roof is a fast and efficient way of fixing a leaking caravan or motorhome roof, giving you long term protection after a simple application. 

“We don’t hesitate to recommend this product!

My husband and I thought we were in for a nasty shock in terms of the cost of repairing our caravan’s roof, but we found this amazing liquid coating and it’s done the job beautifully. We did it ourselves and it looks great!”

Mrs Elliott 

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Caravan sealant         Caravan sealant