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3 Steps to Deal with Rust on Roofs - Metal roof rust treatment

3 Steps to Deal with Rust on Roofs - Metal roof rust treatment

Metal roofs are strong and hard-wearing, but it doesn’t mean they don’t take a battering through the year, especially during the colder months. Rain, wind, snow and dirt all slowly eat away at the original coating and protection metal roof sheets start out with.

Rust and corrosion can start small, but can quickly spread causing cracks, holes and leaks in your roof. After years of damage, dealing with rust on roofs is a major priority to save yourself even more time and money in the future. In a worst-case scenario, full roofing systems having to be replaced.

Any sign of rust means the metal roof’s protective coating has failed. You may think your roof has corrosion protection from being either galvanised or painted, but these layers of coating only slow down what is inevitable. Zinc oxide slowly washes away in the rain, and paint is vulnerable to the moisture and contaminants also. Read this blog to read more about how: ‘What is rust and how can it affect roofs’.

What to Do When Your Roof is Rusting?

#1 Remove as Much Rust as You Can

As rust can spread, as soon as you notice rust you should act fast. Putting a halt to corrosion means fixing parts where rust can be solved quickly, such as around fixings and overlaps, to stop it spreading and causing further costly damage.

Using a cherry-picker to go up onto your roof isn’t always the safest method, so we would suggest hiring a professional roofing contractor to carry out work on your roof system.

Removing the rust, and then power washing all dirt and debris will give you a great starting point for step 2: applying a protective coating that will work this time.

#2 Protect from Further Rust with an Impenetrable Coating

Rust prevention and treatment on metal roofs is our speciality here at Alltimes Coatings. We may seem biased, but the science doesn’t lie. Our graphene-enhanced metal roof protection coating is the most technologically advanced coating on the market.

Graphene has incredible properties which enhance hybrid metal roof coatings by providing a superior barrier between the metal and the atmosphere. Even better, it also strengthens the bond between the coating and the metal meaning the graphene coating is much longer-lasting than conventional coatings.

#3 Upkeep with Regular Maintenance

Once your roof is treated with a coating that will last, upkeep is the next step. Prevent any scratches to your roof by keeping tree branches away. Scratches expose the metal to the air but also can hold pockets of moisture where rust can form due to the prolonged exposure to water and oxygen.

Dirt and debris, such as leaves, can also hold moisture close to the metal, so it is important to clear away anything you can when you do go up to your roof. Regular checks will also give you an opportunity to spot any further rust that is beginning, giving you a chance to act faster this time around.

In Summary

  • Do regular checks to spot any rust on your metal roof
  • Act fast when you do see rust, removing and treating it quickly and effectivel
  • Apply a long-lasting corrosion resistant coating to prevent further rust
  • Maintain regular maintenance to avoid build-up of debris or damage to your roof.


Choose Advantage Graphene for Your Metal Roof Protection

Alltimes Coatings have developed Advantage Graphene as the solution to every industrial metal roof due to its advanced properties from the addition of graphene into its hybrid technology. Our graphene-enhanced roof coating is industry-leading in its long-lasting resistance to corrosion.

Advantage Graphene has undergone rigorous testing and is manufactured to ISO:9227. It can withstand over 10,000 hours of harsh corrosion simulation in comparison to the 1,500 hours of testing that coastal coatings are meant to withstand in order to be approved. Advantage Graphene is a metal roof coating with game-changing resistance to corrosion.

Keen to learn more? Check out our latest CPD: Rust Never Sleeps by clicking the link below, or call an expert today on 01453 872850.

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