About Alltimes Coatings Ltd

Frustrated by differing roofing advice and quotes? So were we...

We started Alltimes Coatings to help people that had the same problem as us: buildings in need of roof repair. We were lumbered with dilapidated asbestos roofing in desperate need of repair. But the challenge wasn't in fixing the roofs. The difficulty was in knowing what to make of the wildly different advice and prices we were given. 

That led to detailed research into the coatings industry, and from our experience, we eventually built up a range of high-performance roof coatings sourced from around the world. Many roofing contractors could only offer us one solution, and we knew it was important for building owners (and contractors) to know there're more options out there. This is why we offer a wide range of systems that suit your circumstances. 

Alltimes Coatings is all about helping you succeed. Are you a facilities manager looking for help with waterproofing? Or a contractor frustrated with how long it takes you to line a gutter? We're a hub of coatings information and we love talking technical. 

We're exclusive distributors for specialist roofing systems