We help contractors and building owners repair and refurbish roofs, cladding and walls.

We're coatings, paint and sealant experts with a range of advanced solutions sourced from around the world, and every day we help people with their projects. 

Our history

A few years ago we were faced with a huge leaking asbestos roof. A number of contractors advised various coating systems, replacement or overcladding, all with wildly differing advice and industrial sized price tags.

Coating felt like the best choice. It was cheaper than replacement and we were concerned about the health risks and longevity of Overclads. But the coatings themselves weren't up to the job. They didn't have the life span or durability we wanted.

Surely there must be something better out there... This began a global search for a more advanced coating system. We weren't disappointed.

Our range

Tough and specialist asbestos coatings from Australia, metal rubber coatings from America, and Scandinavia brought premium paints and impregnations. On top of that we discovered some winning flat roof coatings closer to home.

We ended up happy with our new dry and seamless roof, and then neighbours started asking after what we used. Pretty soon we were importing what we'd found and Alltimes Coatings was born.

We believe our range of advanced solutions are the best in their class-- and with good reason too. In order to earn their place on our shelves, the coatings have to be...

  • Tested, tested, tested, with years of successful use backing them up
  • Highly durable with superior weatherproofing
  • Quick to prepare and easy to apply
  • Winter friendly solutions
  • Diverse in their longevities, catering for every budget
  • Accompanied with the friendly help and guidance that makes projects easy