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As exclusive UK distributors for ProGuard and ISO Paint solutions, we give you the advanced coatings and paints that are leading the roofing and cladding industries.

As well as the guidance on how to use them, making projects as quick, easy and effective as possible.

  • We organise projects by putting building owners in touch with our highly experienced contractors 
  • We're on hand to guide you through your options as a building owner or contractor
  • Our friendly team also advise DIY-ers on small scale roof repair projects
  • We provide product warranties while contractors will warranty the work

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You can now stop that leak immediately with products that are proven to get the job done. Unlike high street solutions, these products are tried and tested over years of real world roofing projects. The professional's choice, sent straight to your door.

Get a watertight seal for everything from a small hole in an asbestos roof garage, up to industrial projects with skylights and gutters to consider. 

We've sourced the best of the best from around the world and built up a range of liquid solutions, as well as reliable hole and crack repair. And all with quick and easy applications, and with the pictures and videos to make a repair simple. 

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In order to get the most out of them, we also offer...

Contractor Training  

This is not just another training day.

After training you can work with some of the most advanced liquid sealant systems on the market.

Plus, you'll have an answer for every question the customer throws at you. And there could be a lot of new customers-- once approved, we could pass you leads for lucrative projects. 

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Customer Visits

We'll be on the roof beside you, deciding on the best coating for you. We'll also talk through minor roof repairs like sealing cracks and holes, as well as discussing budget and longevity.

Better yet, put us on to your customer and we'll explain the benefits of coating their roof. We'll talk through any objections they may have and help secure the quote for you.

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Free project consultation

Building owners, get the detailed advice and guidance you need to make an informed repair. All advice is completely impartial, and if we don't think any of our solutions are a match for you, we'll tell you that plain and simple.

For contractors, get impartial advice and guidance on your roofing or cladding repair, making it easier for you to provide the best repair possible. We'll match the project requirements to a suitable coating and give you the perfect answer, as well as the best chances of winning that quote.

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