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Create a stronger, brighter and healthier roof with a choice of over 25 colours, and extend roof life by up to 15 years.

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ISOnit roof paint

Highly durable, attractive and smooth to spray, ISOnit is the one and only roof paint we stock. Why? Because other roof paints don't even come close.

Unlike inferior roof paints, ISOnit has the high quality build that can strengthen your roof, resulting in up to 15 years of increased service life. 

With over 25 colours to choose from, and 12 of the most popular on next day delivery, ISOnit also gives you the perfect finish. And it's not only about looks.

  • Get a cleaner, brighter and healthier roof for years to come
  • Great flexibility, so temperature change and building movement aren't problems
  • Stays brighter for longer than other roof paints
  • Water repellency results in a drier and healthier roof, avoiding future repairs
  • UV resistance means it can endure relentess sun exposure without breaking down
  • Smooth to spray due to ISO Paint's strict quality control
  • Very good adhesion ensures long term protection

Designed by the experts at ISO Paint, ISOnit exceeds expectations of durability, longevity and ease of application. The result is long life roof colour and health that other paints can't compete with.

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