Cut edge corrosion

Maximum protection with minimum preparation. Get up to 15 years of rust protection in a single application-- no primer needed.

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Cut Edge Corrosion Treatments

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Advantage is exclusively for trained professionals.

Using the latest technology to beat the usual suspects in the industry with a more competitive price.

The sealant for the overlaps has an extremely high adhesion and the coating can re-coat itself without a primer.

  • Can be applied to damp substrate
  • Solvent Free
  • Re-coatable
  • One Coat System
  • Bird Resistant
  • UV Stable
  • Strong Adhesion
  • Corrosion inhibiting primer

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Treat cut edge corrosion with one easy coat and avoid the back-breaking effort of applying multiple layers to rusting metal roof sheets. 

Part of our premium rapid curing range, EdgeArmour is cured and ready for rain within an hour. Plus, a unique chemistry means you can apply in temperatures as low as -5ºC. This means that whatever time of year it is, the British weather won't slow you down.

Especially designed to simplify cut edge corrosion jobs, and still provide long term rust protection, EdgeArmour has excellent chemical and UV resistance. 

    • Single application system. No primer or multiple layers, unlike other cut edge treatments
    • Ready for rain within the hour, making it easy to fit jobs around the weather conditions
    • Long term solution with great UV and chemical resistance
    • Available in various shades of grey, so you can match one to the roof
    • 10 or 15 year systems available, depending on coverage
    • Crack bridges up to 10mm with reinforcing glass matt

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Liquid Rubber EPDM

Straight on rust and minimum prep makes Liquid EPDM an easy corrosion treatment. Combine that with the supreme waterproofing of EPDM rubber and you've got a perfect match for halting corrosion in metal roof sheets. 

Low vapour transmission makes Liquid EPDM perfect for sealing rusty metal, and there's no need for a primer or multiple layers. 

    • Straight on rusty metal and no need for multiple layers, saving you valuable time
    • World's only EPDM, with all the superior weatherproofing of EPDM sheets
    • High flexibility and UV resistance make for long term waterproofing
    • Available in black, white and grey, so you can match one to the roof
    • Can be sprayed, roller or brush applied

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