Free CPD Seminars

Our fully certified CPD events are aimed at building surveyors, architects and facilities managers involved in commercial and industrial property roofing issues.

Specifically designed for those dealing with dilapidations, the aim is to help inform and educate on the latest developments in the metal roof coatings industry and advancements in technologies. In particular, we will learn about the impact of Graphene, the wonder material we've all read about,  and it's incredible anti-corrosive properties. 

The free one hour sessions are usually held over a lunchtime at clients' offices or locations to suit. We travel nationwide to conduct our seminars

and will be happy to arrange sessions outside of working hours for formal groups and CPD Foundations.


Rust Never Sleeps

In this CPD learn about what rust is, why it happens and most importantly what we can do about it. It will cover current coating technologies and the dramatic step change the addition of Graphene to a hybrid coating is making. You will learn about this cutting edge technology, it's eco-credentials and the impact it is having on rust prevention and the metal roofing industry.

This engaging CPD will bring you up to date with your options of how to deal with a dilapidated metal commercial and industrial roofs and explains in detail how Graphene works, and why it is such a game changer in how we deal with corrosion on metal roofs.

For more information or to enquire about a booking just give us a call on 01453 872850 or send us your details to info@alltimescoatings.co.uk and we will be in touch.

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