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Why settle for an inferior roof paint?

5 June 2018

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your house and yet it's so easy and common for it to be neglected and become very weathered, leading to the penetration of moisture and attacks of frost, algae, moss and and fungi.

Turn your tired-looking roof into a strong and renewed one with Isonit roof tile paint and bring your home back to life. Why settle for an inferior roof paint when you can have Europe's market leaders, ISONIT.


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The 5 things your tiled roof NEEDS for lasting protection...

Isonit - the best roof tile paint

1: Lasting flexibility

These properties are very important so that the material can expand in heat and cold. All Iso Paint roof coatings are based on 100% pure acrylate - This binder has lasting flexibility.

2: Water repellent

The material for roof paints should be water repellent so that water can run off. If a roof coating absorbs too much water, you will have the ideal basis for algae and fungi. These then damage the stability of the roof foundation and at the same time accelerate the weathering process.

If 100 grams “ISONIT Roof Paint” is placed in a water basin for 24 hours, the paint only absorbs 5 grams of water = 5% water absorption!

If 100 grams “Normal Roof Paint” is placed in a water basin for 24 hours, the paint absorbs 25 grams of water = 25% water absorption! 5 x more than ISONIT roof paint

3: Adhesive strength

The material for roof coatings should be able to adhere to many types of bases, because good and long-lasting adherence means long durability.

4: UV and weather resistance

The material for roof paints should be UV and weather resistant so that the roof looks great and receives long-term protection against all the weathering and damaging processes acting on it.

5: Water vapour permeability

The material should be capable of transporting moisture from the inside to the outside. If this is not the case, it may result in infections with fungi and/or moulds which is very damaging for the roof construction.

The ISONIT roof tile paint is highly pigmented with iron oxide colour pigments. These ensure a superior covering power so that 20% less paint is required on average than with “Normal Roof Paints.” Isonit Roof paint is based on nano-polyurethane optimised acrylic polymers which show lasting flexibility, water repellency, breathability, UV-resistance and is fast drying.

So extend your roof life by up to 15 years, by protecting it with flexible, breathable and rejuvenating ISOnit roof paint, available in 13 colours.