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What is brick sealant and how does it prevent penetrating damp?

9 July 2020

How does brick waterproofing protect exterior walls and paving slabs whilst keeping them looking better for longer? Here’s the answer…nano-coating technology.

Imagine if your exterior brickwork had the ability to repel water, leaving you with dry, healthy, self cleaning walls for years to come? With the right brick waterproofing sealant it is possible.

What is Penetrating Damp and what causes it?

Penetrating damp is caused by water ingress into substrates. The risk of it occurring increases if there are building defects such as blocked pipes and damaged flashing. Also, as bricks age they become more porous and need to be treated to stop them absorbing water. Over time penetrating damp can cause endless damage to property even if it doesn’t penetrate all the way through a wall. It can cause wet rot and dry rot as well as frost damage and unsightly water damage.

The Solution?
Brick Waterproofing Treatments that penetrate the substrate and protect from the inside. Find out how...

Not just any old masonry sealer, but a brick sealant that uses the latest nano-technology that will penetrate the brickwork is the answer. It doesn’t just sit on the surface of the brick, it permeates the masonary. It is a breathable coating which means it reacts with the silicates in the brick and becomes part of the substrate as opposed to blocking them. This allows any moisture to escape whilst at the same time preventing moisture coming in. Watch just how effective this nano-technology can by!

What is the best brick sealant?

There are three best-quality options for effective masonry waterproofing. Depending on your budget and how much area you need to cover there is the right sealant for brick, masonry waterproofing treatment or paving stone sealant right here for you.

1. ISO Dry Cream Extreme 

Proven to stop penetrating damp instantly; this market leading product is the king of sealants for brick and masonry. It is a really thick cream which turns invisible once applied. It’s thickness means it sits on the surface for longer giving it more time to penetrate more deeply. As it's so thick it's super easy to apply as you can see exactly where you've put it and you won’t have any drips or spills, particularly on windows where you really don't want them. One coat will give you up to 25 years protection. This is the perfect sealant for smaller areas where you want the highest level of protection.

damp sealant paint

Buy ISO Dry Here

2. Hydroblock

This masonry waterproofing treatment is perfect for larger areas as it’s a spray-able liquid. It’s a more economical choice with a high coverage rate and with one coat usually being sufficient. You can put on two coats if you want more protection, just make sure you apply them straight after one another. Based on the latest nano-technology, this invisible treatment actively rebuilds your surface's original colour and look, and protects it from frost damage and penetrating damp for up to 10 years. Again this breathable brick sealant will penetrate the substrate allowing moisture out but preventing water ingress. It comes as a water based or solvent based product, depending on the hardness of the substrate. The solvent based sealant is ideal for super hard substrates such as granite. The water based sealant is perfect for brick, masonry and render. This is the masonry waterproofing treatment you want for large areas that you want to keep protected and looking their best for longer.

damp sealant paint 

Order Hydroblock Here 

3. Procover

This is THE patio slab and driveway sealant. A truly effective impregnation, it is just what you need to protect outside block paving slabs in driveways or BBQ areas. It is produced with oil resistant additives so not only will it protect and waterproof your driveway and patio, it stops oils and fats from being absorbed and ruining them. It’s spray-able so it easy to apply on large areas.  This sealant for driveways and block paving really will keep your outside brickwork looking fantastic for longer.

patio block sealer

Protect your drive and outdoor paving slabs with Procover - order here 

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