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The Truth About Roof Painting

9 July 2019

Roof painting can make your home look stunning again and extend it's life up to 15 years.

Provided it is done correctly and with high quality products, such as the European leading roof paint - Isonit.

Unfortunately there have been high profile articles in the press and on T.V. where people have been scammed in a number of ways, including massively inflated pricing, poor products and poor workmanship. 

Every year thousands of Europeans love to maintain their homes and are proud to keep their roofs looking like new with Isonit roof paint

Read on to find out what to look for if you're having your roof painted...

ISONIT Roof Tile Paint | Roof Restoration

The simple truth about the roof painting scam

Roof painting can be a scam...but it is rare!

Assuming you have a good quality roof paint, such as Isonit, which has high UV stability and high end colour pigments to endure the relentless sun and weather exposure on a roof. Ensure your roof painter does the following:

  • Cleaned and dried properly, stopping the paint from peeling off
  • Uses a good biocide to kill off any algae and moss spores prior to painting 
  • Follows proper application guidelines such as... Read Roof Painting in Three Easy Steps here.
  • Uses two coats of good quality roof paint

With the right roof paint and following simple guidelines you can have a brighter, healthier and longer lasting roof.

 roof tile paint

 Read more about colour range and prices of BEST quality ISOnit Roof Paints

Roof painting can completely rejuvenate your roof

This is the real truth about roof painting. (Based on high performance ISOnit Paint.)

  • Extend roof life by up to 15 years after a simple paint application
  • Enjoy a cleaner roof with significantly less moss, mould and algae
  • Have a healthier drier roof that's water resistant but still breathable
  • Choose from over 12 different colours, with the most popular ones on a speedy delivery
  • Get a roof that'll stay brighter for longer by inhibiting the build up of dirt and grime

best roof paint roof tile paint

Roof painting is popular in Scandinavia and Europe

If roof painting is a scam, then nobody told those on the continent. They've been painting their roofs for decades, and a bright and clean roof is generally the norm over there. There's loads of roof painting companies enjoying decades of consistent work rejuvenating and protecting the old towns (and the new) all over France, Germany, Spain and up into Scandinavia. 

In fact, the leading coatings manufacturer in Europe have risen to be market leaders partly because of their popular roof paint, ISOnit.

So why isn't it as popular in Britain?

It could have something to do with the fact that the industry got a bad reputation before it had a chance to take off. Too many people using bad products and not knowing how to apply them properly. 

Things are changing though, and good roof painting is getting the reputation is deserves.

The factory applied coating on new tiles wears off

When they first built your tile roof, chances are it was protected by a coating. This was a near invisible layer that prevented weather and wind doing their worst. Until, of course, it wears off. 

Once it's gone your roof is vulnerable to a build up of moss and algae, as well as the frost damage they provoke. This usually happens a decade or so into the roof's life.

A high quality roof paint replaces this, protecting your roof once again from water damage.

ISOnit: highly durable roof paint from the market leaders

There's a reason (or 10) why we recommend it:

  • High UV stability means the protection won't break down under relentless sun exposure
  • ISO Paint's strict quality controls and filtration mean it's easy to spray
  • Available in over 26 performance optimised colours
  • Strong adhesion to most surfaces, making it a versatile system
  • Backed up by ISO Paint's years of real world testing and research
  • Inhibits growth of moss, mildew and algae, leaving roofs brighter
  • Makes roofs easier to clean as dirt and grime find it harder to build up
  • It has the flexibility to move with the building, avoiding cracks in the paint
  • Highly durable, so can be relied on to protect the roof

ISONIT Roof Tile Paint | Roof Restoration


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