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Liquid Rubber coating for metal roof repair

12 September 2018

As specialists in metal roof protection, we love to share our success stories for clients who have used our incredible coatings to repair and protect their metal roofs.

We are happy to share the best ways to fix a leaky roof with our advanced roof protection coatings. 

Broken barrel metal roof in Cheshire

An aircraft hangar in Cheshire had a very old and rusty barrel metal roof, which consisted of leaks and large lumps of corroded metal which were dropping and damaging cars. 

Using Alltimes Liquid Rubber coating, we repaired the damaged metal roof leaving the customer with a waterproofed and protected building.


About the metal roof

The barrel roof is a pre-war construction, made from plate steel which had been riveted together. It had repairs in the past, one being from where it was hit by an enemy aircraft. With the barrelled roof being so rusty and leaking, it definitely was in need of some help.


How to fix a corroded, leaking metal roof

When finding the right roof coating, there are many things to take into account, including the material, age and current damage of the roof. We knew our Alltimes Liquid Rubber was the right solution to fix this leaking metal roof.


Liquid Rubber Roofing for metal roof in Cheshire

Benefits of Alltimes Liquid Rubber for metal roofing

Backed up by over 25 years of successful waterproofing from all over the world, Alltimes Liquid Rubber is a roofing favourite whose popularity shows no signs of letting up. Here's why:

  • Long-life expectancy, up to 25 years

  • Highly elastic, so will handle building movement

  • Excellent weather resistance

  • Easy to apply, either by brush or roller


The repaired metal roof result

We said goodbye to the war-ridden roof and brought it back into this century!

Looking brand new, we first applied a rust-inhibiting primer and then 2 coats of our Alltimes Liquid Rubber. The project was finished quickly and easily, leaving not only a happy customer, but a happy looking roof too!

rubber coating on leaking metal roof in Cheshire

If you have an old metal roof which is in need of repair, then contact us today and bring it back to life.