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ISO Silicone Facade: Specialist masonry paint

1 June 2016

Highly durable silicone based paint that can last up to 20 years. Unlike regular wall paints, ISO Silicone Facade uses the rainwater to clean itself, protecting your building from moisture damage and keeping walls dry and healthy.


Finally, a masonry paint that retains its colour

After 40+ years of research and testing ISO Paints know how to create coatings and paints that do exactly what we want them to. In the case of Silicone Facade, this means a paint that's able to stay brighter for longer.

Preserve that newly painted look for longer with a winning combination of breathability, colour optimisation and water resistance, meaning that Silicone Facade keeps its bright colour for years more than regular paints. 

Wall paint that cleans itself


A painted wall protects your facade by providing an extra layer against the elements. ISO Silicone Facade goes one step further by forming a hydrophobic barrier that uses rainwater to clean the surface. Instead of damaging the layer of paint, rain bounces off the surface of an ISO painted wall, or beads on top, clearing up dirt and grime. The result is that your walls could require less cleaning and still look brighter and healthier.

The best masonry paint colours

ISO Silicone Facade comes in the most popular exterior paint colours:

  • White
  • Light Yellow
  • Sand
  • Creamy White
  • Light Grey

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Better energy efficiency: masonry paint that keeps your walls dry

A dry wall is a healthy wall. Wet walls allow heat to escape, meaning wasted money on needless heating efforts. ISO Silicone Facade forms a breathable water barrier. Rain cannot damage your facades, but moisture can escape out in the form of harmless vapour. This leaves your walls dry and healthy, preventing penetrating damp and frost damage. Who wants to pay out for repairs that could be easily avoided now.

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