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Iso Paint: highly durable tile paint and roof sealant

30 March 2016

The easy way to create a stunning roof with the colour and durability you need.

Create beautiful roofs in more than 13 colours

All colours are designed with both appearance and durability in mind, meaning you can find the perfect match for your customer, and still deliver a roof that will go on for years. Here's a glimpse at the range:

  • Aluminium Grey
  • Blue-Black
  • Bordeaux Red
  • Forest Green
  • Kingblue
  • Oxide Red
  • Tile Red

And much much more

High durability, long life roof sealant

Great guarantees and excellent flexibility and adhesion. The ISO Paints give you complete confidence in your roof painting. They're also breathable, UV resistant and fast drying. Their range of high quality paints and coatings have made ISO Paint the market leaders across Scandinavia, a highly competitive roof painting market. And they're now available in the UK.

Tile paint that's more than just colour

As well as colours optimised to look great, the ISO Paints can significantly inhibit the growth of algae, moss and general dirt build up. This leaves a roof looking bright, healthy and clean for years to come. 

  • Extend roof life by up to 20 years, outperforming many of your competitiors
  • Rebuilds original roof protection, saving future maintenance and replacement costs
  • Increases property value, meaning people want your services more and more
  • Designed for many types of roof, so you've always got a solution to hand
  • Scientifically proven effects, making them easy to sell

Quick and Easy: The tile paint designed for roofers

This is the range designed specifically for roof painters and roofers. Every solution has been developed with roofers' concerns in mind, resulting in paints that are easy to spray or brush on. This means you can get a job done as quickly and easily as possible, while still creating top quality roofs to be proud of.

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