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How Liquid Rubber saved a leaking flat roof!

27 November 2018

With the Winter in full swing, protecting your roof and preventing leaks has never been so important!


This flat roof in Gloucestershire had an issue with ponding water, meaning that over time, cracks and failures starting appearing which resulted in the roof leaking, causing damage internally and in desperate need of a repair.

 Leaking flat roof repair  Cracks and holes in leaking flat roof

Instantly, we knew that Alltimes Liquid rubber for flat roofs would be the ideal, long term solution for this job, with excellent adhesion, durability and resistance to cold.


A P P General building Solutions were the contractors for this flat roof repair. They had used our Liquid Rubber on a previous project and after seeing the end result, they were happy to be using it again. With our guidance and expert support, it resulted in them fixing the leaking roof quickly and efficiently and keen to use the product again.

“All our questions were answered quickly and confidently! Liquid rubber is really easy to use and the final finish is good. We will use with confidence going forward.”

Ali Perry, Owner – A P P General Building Solutions


How the leaking flat roof was transformed with our Alltimes Liquid Rubber Coating:


  Roofer repairing damaged flat roof      Gloucestershire Roof Repair

The roof was boarded to add a slight slope, helping to solve the ponding water issue and sealant applied to joints to ensure there was no gaps.


White Liquid rubber coating on flat roof      liquid rubber coating roof repair

Two layers of the Alltimes Liquid Rubber was applied using a roller. This Liquid rubber is fine for occasional foot traffic, but as the roof is frequently in use, a coat of extra hard wearing Extended Wear Coat was then used to complete the repair, leaving the roof fully sealed with up to 20 years protection.


With this easy to use and long lasting solution, the job was completed hassle-free, on time and the Customer was left with a leak-free flat roof ready for Winter!

If you have a flat roof which is causing you problems, or would just like some free expert advice, then get in touch today to see how our professional roof coatings and products can help you.