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How can I do a DIY felt roof repair?

21 July 2020

Learn how you can repair a felt roof yourself, easily and with long lasting results - all you need is the right product.

Felt roofs were a popular flat roof covering option up until well into the 1990s as they can be an excellent economical roofing option. If well maintained, they can also give a life span of between 10 to 15 years.

Over time however, the roofing felt will inevitably deteriorate due to UV, temperature and general weather exposure. It’s really important that you repair problems quickly to prolong the roof life and limit damage to the structure below. Read on to learn more about common asphalt flat roof problems and felt roof repair solutions.

Common problems on failing felt roofs:

1 - Blistering or bubbles

Bubbles in the felt are caused by moisture getting trapped underneath the roof surface which expands with the heat and lifts the felt away from the roof.  There’s no need to call a roofer or get quotes to have the roof replaced quite yet! As long as the structure underneath is stable and the area isn’t under ponding water you can carry out this common felt roof repair yourself with the right felt roof repair kit.


Instant Felt Roof Repair from Gooforit is an incredibly quick and easy felt roof repair kit that will prolong the life of your felt roof for a good many years to come – and it’s blends in with your felt roof so there’s no unsightly repair patches!

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The Instant Felt Roof Repair Kit is a tough liquid rubber membrane with mineral chips which means it will blend in perfectly with your felt roof. It’s an effective yet invisible repair. It could not be easier to apply, you just cut out the damaged area of felt, get it clean and dry, pour in the liquid rubber and sprinkle over the minerals. It’s an incredibly hard wearing and economical solution for this type of felt roof repair.

Buy Instant Felt Roof Repair Kit here

2 - Ponding Water 

If you check your roof after rain or snow and notice ponding water you want to nip that issue in the bud. If it isn’t already causing leaks it will very likely lead to them so you want make sure you even out the surface and stop the water ponding.


Evening out dips on your felt flat roof with roof levelling compounds used to be a heavy, tricky job. With Greenslope it doesn’t have to be. New to the UK, this roof levelling kit means you get everything you need for the job in one kit. You just mix together your filler. Then you just top coat and that’s it.

roof levelling compoundstop ponding water on felt rooffelt roof leak repair

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3 - Recoating

If, on further inspection, it turns out you need to re-coat the whole roof then a liquid rubber membrane could be the answer. What you need is a flexible, seamless coating that will protect and be able to take the movement of the roof.


Alltimes Liquid Rubber Felt Coating system is the go-to for full roof coatings. It’s a two-coat system with a fabric embedded into the coating. It’s got excellent adhesion and UV resistance. It’s also a seamless system so there’s less chance of failed seams and leakage. There’s also no risk of humidity building up under the coating as it cures to a breathable film. It’ll give you worry free waterproofing and add a good 15 years life expectancy to your flat roof.

felt roof repair coating  recoating a felt roof

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If you're still not sure what's the best felt roof repair kit for you, just give us a call, we're always happy to help and advise.

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