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Global Steel Price Hike: What’s The Alternative to Repair Your Rusty Roof?

25 May 2021

The global steel shortage is set to continue well into 2021, experts claim, with Elland Steel announcing that steel prices have now risen by £260 per tonne since last July.

This has impacted many UK manufacturers whose core material is steel, with increased prices and lead times across many of their product ranges.

It is claimed that there are a number of factors that have contributed to this price hike, with increased costs of raw material, lower levels of scrap and the post-Brexit impact on imports being the main drivers in these unprecedented market conditions. It could also be argued that this has been exacerbated due to the impact that COVID-19 has had on manufacturing.

But what does this mean for those wanting to replace their rusty industrial roof? Perhaps you have a warehouse in need of water tightening? What can you expect if you’re working on a project involving a corroded roof?

In this post, we cover these concerns and more…

Can You Afford to Wait?

There’s no two ways around it, if you opt for a metal roof replacement, there stands a chance that you’ll be stung by an increased price and a longer waiting period. After all, the big steel providers have said that their profits are down, so this must have an impact on the end-users.

Let’s say, for example, you’re a building owner…

Wouldn’t it be more efficient (and cost-effective) if you fixed your corroded roof now, so that you can get your tenants in sooner rather than later?

Similarly, if you’ve just invested in a warehouse space that has a leaking roof, can your business afford to delay its production schedule while you wait to get it repaired or replaced?

Global Steel Price Hike: What’s The Alternative to Repair Your Rusty Roof?

What’s the Alternative to a Metal Roof Replacement?

You don’t actually have to replace your metal roof. Have you considered coating your roof instead?

There are many products designed specifically for coating a corroded roof, some of which you may have used in the past – with varying degrees of success.

However, when you decide to coat your roof rather than replace it, you need to be assured that the coating you use will deliver the same (if not better) results than a full roof replacement.

And that’s where the Advantage Graphene system comes in. Put simply, it’s a coating application with the addition of graphene that guarantees protection against rust and corrosion.

Here are the facts:

  • 200 times stronger than steel
  • Forms a virtually impenetrable barrier
  • Rigorous testing to ISO:9227 with a neutral salt spray for 5000 hours
  • Can be applied in a single coat, in damp conditions, and is breathable even through resting rainfall to help maintain constant building temperature

With a 30-year warrantee, The Advantage Graphene System is fast becoming the world’s most advanced anti-corrosion material for metal roof applications.


With the cost of steel at an all-time high, you can be assured that there is an equally effective alternative to getting your corroded, rusty metal roofs repaired.

Listing all the benefits of the Advantage Graphene System is all well and good, but it’s more important that you understand the science behind its success.

So why not take part in our free CPD: Rust Never Sleeps, where we talk you through: what rust is, why it happens, and most importantly what you can do about it?

Or, if you want to just find out more about Advantage Graphene, why not speak to an expert today? Call 01453 872850.

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