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Emergency Roof Repair: An Instant Leak Solution

3 March 2016

Your roof leak plugged instantly with the reinforced emergency repair that outlasts acrylic and bitumen based products.

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Finally, the emergency roof repair coating that can stop your leak instantly

StopGap is an instant repair solution that's designed to stop your leak now. After applying it with a brush, it sets to form a tough, yet flexible, waterproof barrier. StopGap is engineered specifically for emergency repair, and every part of its design shows this. Unlike other instant solutions, it's fibre reinforced, making it tough and durable. It's also flexible, allowing it to move with your building, not tear and fail. 

The roof repair solution that simply works 

The buckets are full. The towels are soaked. All you can do is watch as rainwater continues to break into your property. Family members, tenants and employees are likely to get more frustrated as furnishings and electronics are soaked or frazzled by water damage. Sound familiar? Get your leak stopped now, quickly and easily. 

Highly durable roofing materials built for your DIY repair

Unlike bitumen or acrylic based instant repair solutions, StopGap sets into a durable watertight membrane. Other solutions try their best, but once they're on the roof their design often lets them down. They can end up failing and letting water in, and you're back to the beginning again. StopGap is designed to bring the durability of tough coating systems to your domestic or industrial repair, and can last for years if your roof is clean and in good condition. Can't clean it? Don't worry, StopGap can still get the job done. Plus there's no surface skinning in the tin, meaning you can keep StopGap in your garage or van until it's needed again. 

  • Flat roof repair
  • Felt, slate and metal repair
  • Gutters and asbestos roofs
  • And many more

A year's roofing repair from 8p a day

Simply prepare the roof surface as much as you can, open the tin and apply using a brush or roller. StopGap will set, providing a reliable waterproof barrier that can stop your leak. Yes, it's an emergency repair, but it's premium design means it outperforms many other instant repair solutions. How long does it last? That's down to you and your roof. The better the condition of the roof, the longer StopGap will endure. If it lasts a year, that's just 8p a day. 

  • Instant repair solution designed for emergency roof repair
  • More durable than bitumen or acrylic based systems
  • Fibre reinforced, meaning it can last much longer than other solutions
  • Cold applied, so easy and quick application
  • UV stable because of a high end resin
  • Straight on rust. No time or money wasted on a primer
  • Re-use from the same can

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