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An instant truck roof repair kit for in the workshop or on the roadside

25 May 2016

Superior chemistry means you can get your truck back on the road as soon as possible

This specialist kit gives you everything you need to seal a truck, lorry or trailer roof, whether you're in a workshop or by the side of the road. And you don't have to be a mechanic to apply it.

Liquid applied rubber gives instant roof repair

The main part of the repair is a unique moisture cured rubber called SuperArmour. This provides a highly durable waterproof barrier with excellent adhesion, making future leaks significantly less likely.

  • Cures in 1-3 hours by absorbing moisture from the air
  • Simple preparation, just mix in a pre-weighed catalyst and clean the surface.
  • The liquid forms a near invisible membrane, meaning light can still get through a translucent roof
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces
  • Will cure at 1ºC, so you can get the repair done in harsh climates
  • Makes graffiti and dirt easier to remove

Superior rubber gives a long lasting repair

Unlike bitumen or silicone based products, SuperArmour has been engineered to have strong UV resistance. This means that instead of enbrittling under the relentless sun, SuperArmour retains its durability, and proves itself as a long-term patch repair. Technicians have built SuperArmour to face all the problems and conditions that lorry roofs face. In fact, this rubber solution comes from the same coating experts that created Liquid Rubber, the only EPDM in a liquid form in the world. 

Application that's designed with you in mind

You need to get your vehicle on the road as quickly as possible. A roof leak not only means potential damage to cargo, but also valuable haulage time spent in the nearest workshop or garage. And that's just for one leak. Let a crack or hole get worse and worse and you may be looking at the cost of a whole new truck roof, as well as the time out required fitting it. 

SuperArmour prevents all this.

  • Simply clean surface, dry, and paint on a UV curing primer (supplied in kit)
  • Use UV curing patches for covering cracks and holes
  • Apply Moisture Cure in temperatures as low as 1ºC, allowing you to get back behind the wheel in harsh conditions
  • Slightly damp surface is not a problem, unlike other patch repair coatings
  • Fully cured in a matter of hours, not days

Save money and time

SuperArmour provides an instant roof repair for lorries, trucks and horsebox roofs, making it a vital part of any vehicle's mobile tool kit. Due to its specialist chemistry, it can be faster and easier to apply than other sealants, but still forms a reliable and long lasting repair that can stop your leak.

SuperArmour roof repair kits will soon be available on our online shop, and you can pre-order yours by getting in touch today.

Learn more by requesting a SuperArmour brochure here


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