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Get rid of damp penetration in the Vale of Glamorgan

Roof cleaning, painting and coating in and around the Vale of Glamorgan

When roof tiles are made, a coating is applied to protect them from the weather. If your roof tiles are showing discolouration, cracking or growth of moss, the likelihood is that this coating has worn off and your roof tiles have become a breeding ground for moss, fungi and algae and are vulnerable to weathers such as sun, rain, wind and cold. In order to protect them again, they should be cleaned, cracks repaired and coated.

Isonit Roof coating is said to be the best roof paint that offers protection against UV rays and harsh weather, such as rain and wind for many years. Not only does it protect your roof from harsh weather, but it massively improves the appearance of the roof and therefore enhance the property value. There's no wonder that it's already market leading in Scandinavia and parts of Germany, France, Holland, and other European countries.

If it's applied by one of our approved roofing contractors, you're guaranteed to be left with a new and improved roof that will be brighter and healthier for many years. Don't risk it: in order to be sure the job gets done properly and for a fair price, ask to be put in touch with one of our South Glamorgan roof painters.

Certified to meet and exceed expectations

  • Adhesive strength

  • Lasting flexibility – 100% pure acrylate

  • Water repellent – only lets in 5% moisture compared to normal roof coatings that let in 25%

  • Meets and exceeds norms for protection against UV rays, pollution and temperature

  • Weather resistant – no change in durability and negligible changes in colour and shine after 2 years

  • Come with a warranty of 10 years when applied by one of our approved Glamorgan roof painting contractors, but with correct treatment and maintenance, your pristine roof tiles can be extended up to 50-60 years!

Rolls Royce of façade paints

Iso Silicone Façade paint is an exterior wall paint that uses the latest nano-technology for ultimate protection against rain, damp, and all other weather conditions. It's hydrophobic properties (water shedding) means that it is also self cleaning, dirt repellent, and requires far less maintenance than ordinary wall paints, saving you time and money, as it protects your home and stays brighter and healthier for longer.

Iso Silicone Façade masonry paint is in many ways comparable to the breathable Gore-Tex rainwear, as it keeps water out whilst still allowing vapour to penetrate out of the wall from the inside, letting any moisture escape whilst maintaining a dry surface. It is therefore proven to be effective because a dry wall releases less heat, keeping the heat inside your home and cutting the cost of your energy bills. Our contractors in Neath Port Talbot and the surrounding areas are provided with this revolutionary exterior wall paint so you don't have to do a thing.

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