Seal Brickwork, Paving and Masonry

Exclusive nano-technology seals your paving, brickwork and masonry

Make your building water-repellent. You can now get your hands on the latest nano-technology to protect your brickwork, masonry and paving stones. These coatings are invisible impregnations that penetrate up to 17mm into your structures. By reaching so deep, they effectively block water from entering, resulting in a beading water effect on the surface. Plus they prevent frost bursts and salt blooms, and can even restore original colours. This could mean that when your neighbours or other businesses have to fork out for costly water damage, your surfaces remain clean and even rejuvenated. It's not just brickwork either. Learn more about using an impregnation on your driveway or paving slabs here. Or buy online from our partner site and stop penetrating damp today .

The liquid sealant engineered to protect your building

Weatherproofing is easy. Impregnations come in a can, just like any coatings system. After cleaning your brickwork, paving or masonry, you can then brush, roller or spray the solution on. Then, sit back and let the nano-technology do the work for you. So while your competitor has to shut the office after heavy rainfall breaks through their roof, you can have complete confidence that your team will stay dry. Or while your neighbour has to clean his patio every month, you can spend that time with your family. The impregnations will work with your building to protect it from the weather for years to come. All after one coating. Depending on your building's material, an impregnation could last for 25 years or more (Iso Dry Creme Extreme). The nano technology chemically bonds with silicons inside your substrate. Generally, the more silicon in your material, the longer they will last. Contact us to find out more. They don't stop at waterproofing either...

More than just keeping your walls and masonry dry...

Impregnations don't stop at waterproofing your property. They can preserve and restore original colours and features, particularly HydroBlock (details below). You can enjoy the bright and impressive look that people only expect from new builds, or frequently cleaned buildings. You get to enjoy dry walls and eye-catching brickwork, and the nano-technology does the work for you. Think it's too hard to apply? Have you ever painted a wall? Yes, then you already know what to do. Become a building owner that uses the latest advancements in coatings to invest in your property. 

The coating benefits our competitors don't want you to know

In the UK, you can only find these specialist impregnations through us.

  • Dries in just an hour (at 20ºC) so you can stand back and admire the effects almost instantly
  • No frost damage. When ice occurs, just sweep it away. It can't get a grip on the surface. (ProCover WB)
  • Repels water, oil and dirt. Stains cannot form on the surface. (ProCover WB)
  • Highly versatile usage: protect virtually any mineral surface. Contact us for more info.
  • Self cleaning elements mean minimal upkeep. You're free to spend your weekends as you want.
  • Invisible and breathable, so preserves the look of your building.
  • Scientifically engineered to waterproof your property by penetrating the surface.
  • Binds to the surface to actively reconstruct the material of your building. (HydroBlock)
  • Prevents growth of moss, algae and lichens (HydroBlock)
  • Reduction of heating bills: keeps walls dry so can lower thermal conductivity by as much as 58% (HydroBlock)
  • Retains durability for up to 25 years (ISO Dry Creme Extreme)

Find your liquid brick and masonry sealant:


Perfect for protecting facades, roofs and tiles, HydroBlock allows you to use the latest nano technology to waterproof your premises. Hydroblock keeps your walls dry, resulting in up to 58% lower thermal conductivity and reduced heating bills. It also actively restores your surfaces. Learn more on Hydroblock's page on our partner site GooForIt.

ProCover WB

Designed for paving stones, car parks, artificial stone and much more, ProCover is an anti-slip waterproofer. It's colourless and has self-cleaning properties. The quick and easy way to reduce your cleaning bills. Learn more here.

ISO Dry Creme Extreme

This impregnation can retain its properties for up to 25 years, meaning your building gets long-term waterproofing after just a single application. By chemically bonding with the surface, ISO Dry Creme Extreme stays by your side when other paints or coatings fail. Learn more about protecting your building with ISO Dry here. 

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