Reviews and Testimonials

What our roofing contractors are saying 

"I have worked with Alltimes Coatings for the past two years and have found them to be extremely professional when it comes down to recommending the right product for the customer. I am an authorised contractor for Alltimes' products and it is a pleasure to deal with a company that are honest and trustworthy. and how they look at building a long term relationship rather than looking at just a sale."

-Mike Scott, MPS Northern

"We have ordered over 1000 gallons this year and the product truly lives up to its name. We have won three bids using your product because of our ability to stand behind our work."

-H W Property Management

"We put a new roof on using the liquid EPDM. We pressure washed the roof on July 10th and finished applying the Liquid EPDM on July 12. I wanted to let you know how much I like the product! I can not understand why this is the first time I have been exposed to it when I have been in the construction business for close to 30 years. There are many, many times in the past when the liquid EPDM would have been a perfect solution on a project and I definitely plan on using it in the future! 

-RL Smith and Associates, Inc 

"Solid performance and just a remarkable finish when it dried. Just what you said a 100% seamless area."

-Trolier Roofing 

What Building Owners are saying

"This a great product, EPDM Rubber for roofs. It is easy to mix and easy to apply. Water stands on my flat roof in various places. I decided to apply a coating of EPDM Rubber over the roof for added measure. So I bought a gallon and applied it in a critical area. It stayed tight and looks great. I waited for several months during the rainy season and had very positive results. I then bought a five gallon pail and applied it to a larger surface. Looks great and adhesion is fabulous. It bonds great with no distortions of bubbles. I think the easiest thing was that I had a fairly solid surface with which to work. So, cleaning and surface prep seems to be critical. If you prepare the surface well your application and results will be outstanding. I just ordered two added five gallon buckets and plan to coat the remainder of my roof. I use a short nap roller and it goes on with ease. I fully recommend this product for roof repairs. Just follow the directions and anyone can do this with completely positive results."

-Tom Preston

"We had been looking for a roofing coating for some time. We ordered a gallon in the summer to test it out on our roof, part epdm and part metal. After our initial testing we were quite amazed with the performance of the product. This is the only product that had stopped our leak, and in fact the first time in 4 years the roof did not leak. We since then completed our entire roof..."


"We did a lot of research about finding the right product to fix our tin gutters. We had tried many products over the years and they either wouldn't cure in enough time and would eventually peal. When we tried Liquid Roof, it was love at first sight! It spread on smooth and filled in all of the cracks and folds completely tight. It's been through winter and spring and has held up remarkably with no sign of wear."

-Dannie G.

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