EPDM Liquid Rubber: Ultimate Waterproofing?

Quick and easy roof repair with Liquid Rubber EPDM 

Get all of EPDM rubber's unique waterproofing qualities straight from a tin. This is a chemically cured, instant waterproof liquid that cures to form a seamless membrane.

It not only outperforms other solutions with long-term waterproofing (it's hard to beat a material that's also used as pond liner), but it's also quick and easy to prepare and apply. This means you can get your roof repaired now, with minimum cost and time, and enjoy a watertight property for years to come.

All the unique properties of rubber roofing...

  • Perfect for flat roofs and gutter lining with a NO ponding water guarantee
  • Long-life expectancy so you can ignore the worry of heavy rain
  • Waterproof virtually any surface
  • UV and O-Zone resistant
  • No primer on non-porous materials, significantly speeding up job times.
  • Elongation at temperature extremes: remains waterproof and protects your building
  • High chemical resistance

EPDM rubber is backed up by 50+ years of success in the industry. It's relied on to endure relentless rain and harsh temperatures, and rubber roofing has proven itself where other roofing membranes have failed. It can waterproof your building for years to come.

...but in a liquid coating system

  • Minimal preparation, just add the catalyst
  • Brush, roll or spray application
  • Seamless waterproofing around joints and details
  • Vulnerability free roofs: no leaking seams
  • Stop cut-edge corrosion in a single coat
  • Line gutters quickly and easily
  • Rust converter
  • Less labour and material costs

Coating Liquid Rubber on your roof is as easy as opening the tin. Once applied, the liquid is instantly waterproof. It'll cure to form a tough membrane so you don't have to worry about leaks.

Learn more about the Liquid Rubber application process on our partner site: Applying EPDM Liquid Rubber in 4 easy steps

Turning industrial sealant projects into quick and easy jobs

Without sacrificing durability, you can finish a roof with hours to spare. Huge metal roofs require just one coat of liquid rubber, even on rust. Plus treating cut edge corrosion and lining gutters can be done seamlessly and in just one pass. Many other coatings require the back-breaking work of multiple layers. Plus there's the expense of double, or even triple the amount of product.

Why throw away money and time? With Liquid Rubber, projects are as straightforward as possible.  

"I was just astonished how easy it went down and as we were rolling it the roller marks just disappeared... it literally looked like someone put down 2500 single pieces of material. I can say this is the first time in 7 years the client is telling us his roof did not leak during the winter months. We will be ordering more in the spring."

-Jared Contractors

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