Asbestos roof repair

Avoid the costs of removing and disposing of your asbestos roof by encapsulating harmful fibres and waterproofing your building for years to come.

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Instantly encapsulates hazardous asbestos fibres without needing a primer. An advanced 20 year system, designed to speed up the job and reduce trafficking on the roof. 

Plus apply nearly all year round with application temperature limits of 3ºC to 60ºC, and get the repair done when you need it most.

  • No primer needed, saving you time and money
  • Single Coat
  • Can be applied to a damp substrate greatly increasing your working time
  • Solvent free
  • No Shrinkage
  • Specifically designed for asbestos roof coating
  • Bird Resistant
  • UV stable finish for long term protection
  • Attractive seamless finish

Advantage is a highly versatile system that puts the repair in your hands. Achieve your desired longevity with a choice of four different systems, and get that roof watertight now.

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Construction Primer and ISOnit

A 5 year system that's ideal for rented properties and more temporary projects. This combination results in a rugged asbestos coating system that encapsulates the roof and is expected to waterproof far beyond the 5 years. 

The construction primer penetrates into the asbestos cement fibres and chemically bonds with the material. This results in strong adhesion and prolonged durability, as well as the ability to prevent frost damage and cracking. 

A top coat of ISOnit has the flexibility, weatherproofing and UV resistance for long term waterproofing. On top of that, ISOnit is known for its quick and easy application. Strict quality controls mean the paint is always smooth to spray. Plus, a huge range of colours make it easy to find one to fit your needs.

Don't be fooled by the 'budget' category of this coating. It provides durable protection that can weather out the worst of British rainfall. 

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Eternit Primer and ISOnit

An upgraded primer that gives excellent adhesion and penetration and results in a 7 year system. Specifically designed to stabilise the original roof and fill microscopic holes, this combination binds the friable substrate and is again expected to last way beyond the 7 years.

Applied without dilution and ready to use straight out of the container, the Eternit Primer is quick and easy to use. Dry in just an hour, it's ready for a top coat sooner than other primers, and it's ability to encapsulate asbestos fibres make it ideal for asbestos roof repair. 

ISOnit is a versatile paint that comes in a range of over 25 colours, making it easy to find the perfect one for the roof. A long life expectancy and great colour retention means a bright and dry roof for years to come. ISOnit is also an ideal companion to the Eternit Primer. Together they result in great adhesion and weatherproofing, creating a highly durable refurbished roof.

This is a reliable and rugged middle range coating with an impressive longevity for a mid level budget.

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Eternit Primer and ISO Rubber

A reliable rubber system with a premium build quality that results in 10+ years of weatherproofing. Ideal for leaking or degraded roofs, ISO Rubber is durable enough to fix leaks on a roof that's been neglected. Plus, with a large colour selection, you get the rejuvenated look you want. 

  • Tough and thick rubber coating that's ideal for sealing roofs in bad condition
  • High elasticity means ISO Rubber can handle temperature change in the long term
  • Inhibits growth of fungi, algae, and lichens, leaving a smooth and attractive finish
  • UV stabilising agents make this a long term solution
  • Remains elastic down to -20ºC, so no worries about leaks
  • Available in a range of colours, unlike other asbestos coatings
  • Can be combined with a reinforcing fleece on poor surfaces

As used by Prothos on the Northsound asbestos roof

   Northsound Ltd

This popular combination has the flexibility that leads to long life waterproofing, as well as the looks that building owners want. And at the top end of the asbestos coatings range, still has a remarkably affordable price tag.

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