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Roof painting in three easy steps

21 June 2018

Create bright and healthy roofs that beat the competition in just three easy steps...

Join the growing industry of roof painting and start taking on new projects today. Thanks to the friendly experts over at ISO Paint, spraying a paint is now quicker and easier than ever. As well as the long lasting durability, UV resistance and flexibility of ISOnit paint, ISO have given detailed instructions as to how to get the best results.

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1) Roof inspection 

Somebody wants your services. They tell you the size of the roof and what material you'll be working with. It's tempting to take your cost per meter and give them an instant quote. 

But what if you turn up and see cracks and holes in the roof? 

This is going to increase the cost and isn't a great starting point for the customer.

Fortunately, cracks in roof tiles are easy to fix. Simply swap the tile for a new one and you're ready to go. 

Remember to consider the costs for scaffolding, harnesses or edge protection if required.

Plus, make sure you accurately measure the roof while you're up there. You don't want to run out of paint before the job is finished.

For any other roof repair questions, simply get in touch and we'll get back to you with an answer. 

2) Roof cleaning

When was the last time the roof was cleaned? Could be 5, 10 years ago? Could be never. 

A thorough clean is as important as the actual painting. Well prepared surfaces ensure great adherence and long lasting durability.

Use a water filtration system where necessary, and position waterstoppers in appropriate places in the guttering.

Use a minimum 220 bar pressure washer to clean off surface dirt, grime and moss. Ensure all seams and joints are completely clear of dirt, and use a file brush where necessary. This is particularly useful at roof edges.

roof painting roof cleaning                Roof painting coatings

Follow the pressure wash with a thorough rinse.

Where necessary, use an enclosed trolley with angled lance heads to get a thorough clean. This is easily lowered down the roof, cleaning everything in its path. 

For cleaning asbestos roofs, more specialist preparations are required. Get in touch for expert guidance on asbestos.

Finish up by spraying A-Clean, a disinfectant designed to remove greasy deposits and prepare the roof for the long lasting ISOnit roof paint.  

Ensure facades and windows are washed clean, as dirt from the roof can flow down them. This is a great way to increase your chance of a referral. If the customer's happy, they'll tell their friends. It's as simple as that. It's also a great chance to offer a wall painting service with the colour retaining ISO Silicone Facade Paint.

Once A-clean has been applied, you won't be able to rinse the roof. Just wait a few days and the roof will be ready to clean.

3) Roof painting

First things first, remove anything that could be vulnerable to overspray. This is usually cars or garden furniture. On the roof this is usually skylights, which need to be covered up. It's also a good idea to be aware of today's weather. You'll want a dry day, free from rain or excessive wind. 

If the roof needs priming, now's the time to do it. This is usually not necessary on newer sheets or some tiles. This can be sprayed on, with a roller covering any details such as ledges. 

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All done and ready to paint. Here's the essentials:

  • Dilute your first coat of ISOnit with 20% water. 
  • No need to dilute the second coat, but you must wait for the first coat to dry completely.
  • Carefully clean and paint ledges or other areas that need attention, for example edges. You'll need a roller or brush for these. 
  • Coverage is around 1 litre per 5m².

And some top tips for a beautiful roof:

  • Keep a consistent distance between the spray gun and the roof. This is important for creating an even and more attractive finish. Try for around 20cms.
  • Don't swing the gun excessively, but maintain that 20cms distance. 
  • Remember to adjust your angle for the contours of the roof. This is best done by keeping your shoulders in the same position, but by turning your wrist up and down.
  • Begin at the top of the roof, completing a horizontal row first. Paint in an up and down motion, until the whole row is filled across the length of the roof. See the video for more guidance. 
  • Continue down the roof, repeating that first row. 
  • Each row should overlap the next or previous one. This is a great way to make sure the whole roof is covered.
  • When applying the second coat, make your first row shorter, then your second row longer. And repeat with the longer row length for the rest of the roof. 

All you need is a thorough application and the tried and tested ISOnit system. Great UV stability means long life protection, and the range of colours make it easy to find one your customer will like. The result can be that you get to work on more roof coating and cleaning jobs. 

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