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How to put a stop to metal roof corrosion

29 January 2019

All roofs take a big battering through the year, especially the winter months, with rain, winds and snow slowly taking their toll. Leaving you with a rusty and corroded metal roof over time, resulting in cracks and holes and causing it to leak.

If the years have caused damage to your metal roof, then it's time to bring your roof corrosion to a HALT once and for all.



10 reasons why EPDM Liquid Rubber will prevent cut edge corrosion and save your metal roof:


1. Straight on rust corrosion inhibitor means EPDM outperforms other coatings by instantly stopping rust and halting cut edge corrosion

2. No special skills needed with preparation kept to an absolute minimum, saving vital time on site

3. Can be sprayed, roller or brush applied

4. No back-breaking multiple layers due to EPDM's intense durability, one layer is enough to get the job done

5. Quick application means less time on site and more time completing other jobs

6. No reinforcing matting needed, reducing costs and still providing long term weatherproofing

7. Worry free waterproofing with EPDM's remarkable ponding water resistance

8. Cost-effective longevity gives ten years of reliable protection from a single application

9. Black, white and grey colour options mean you can find the right shade for the property

10. Seamless, smooth and attractive finish that performs as well as it looks



How to apply liquid rubber EPDM on a metal roof 

If your metal roof is suffering from rust, cracks and holes, then put a stop to it today with our EPDM Liquid rubber!

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