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How to fix ponding water on a flat roof

10 October 2019

Find out the secret to fixing water on your flat roof. It doesn't have to cost the earth and you really can do it yourself!


After any rainfall lands on a flat roof, water will begin to pool. On a performing flat roof ponding water is not a problem as it will drain, or even evaporate, away. However when your flat roof has uneven areas due to sagging, an insufficient slope, or drainage issues, the ponding water doesn't dissipate.

This can affect your roof in several ways, and until recently repair options weren't something that anyone other than experienced roofers could consider. Roof filling compounds were heavy, brittle and time consuming to apply. However there is now a product on the market that means you can fix the problem yourself, quickly and easily. Greenslope is new to the UK market and incredibly effective and easy to use. Have a look at the only flat roof ponding filler currently available on the market in the UK.

ponding water on a flat roof  how to stop ponding water on flat roof 

Common problems caused by flat roof ponding:

  • Degrading roofing materials, particularly on older modified and built up roofs
  • Extra stress and damage to the load bearing structure due to the extra weight of the water
  • In winter freezing standing water will expand causing more damage
  • Stagnant water is a common breeding ground for insects and mosquitoes
  • The water focuses any sunlight that travels through it intensifying it and causing more UV degradation
  • Where seams overlap the ponding water can cause the membrane to lose it's seal, allowing water in underneath
  • Moss, algae and debris will collect in the water

Ponding water on flat roof solutions:

There could be a simple solution to your roof ponding issues and it is definitely worth investigating these before you call in the professionals!

Look for dips: If the roof sags or has small uneven areas these need to be levelled. You can buy a very easy to apply, DIY flat roof levelling compound kit that comes with everything you need to pack in the dip and seal with a waterproof coating. You can even create slopes with to navigate water towards drainage exits! Super easy and fast to apply, it can save you hundreds on your roof repair. Get your ponding water repair kit here.

flat roof ponding filler   flat roof pooling solutions

Check your drains: If there is anything obstructing the flow of water to the drain or the drain is blocked, remove any debris or blockage.

Structural issues: If you have improperly installed frames, joists or beams you'll need to call a professional to come and advise.

Want some more advice on flat roof repair and DIY solutions to ponding water? Give us a call or drop us a line and our team of experts are always happy to help!

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