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Get brighter bricks with self cleaning brickwork

27 February 2016

Imagine doing less brick cleaning and still have brighter bricks than your neighbours

Now there's an easy way of cleaning brickwork that can save you time and money. After just a single DIY application of an impregnation coating, your walls can be protected for up to 25 years. Imagine having a water repellent property with long-lasting bright, clean and healthy brickwork. It banishes damp penetration and keeps your walls dry, saving you from future costs. Plus, there's no more nasty acid brick cleaners, or Sunday afternoons spent scrubbing lichen and grime from your brickwork. An annual clean is all that's needed to maintain an impressive property. 

How to clean your brickwork

  • Before applying HydroBlock or Iso Dry your walls need to be free from dirt and grime. Wash them like you normally would, using a jet wash or rags. It's important to get rid of as much dirt as possible. That way the coating has a better chance of working. Now step back, and admire how bright and healthy your building is. If only it could stay that way. Introducing step 2...
  • Open the tin of solution. HydroBlock can be sprayed, rolled or brushed onto the surface. We advise spraying on long stretches of brickwork, but make sure that you don't spray the solution onto glass. It's best to use a brush around windows. Or even better, use Iso Dry. This comes in a creamy consistency. You can roll or brush it on to your surface, making it easy to see where you've applied it. 1 litre of solution will provide 3-5m² of coverage on brickwork, depending on its absorbency.
  • Leave the coating to it. You can practically hear the impregnation reaching deep into your brickwork, making your property water repellent, and protecting it for years to come. Learn more about how impregnations work here.

Brick cleaning results that last for years, rather than weeks

  • Just one coat gives you long lasting results, saving you time and material cost
  • Penetrates up to 17mm into the walls, deeper than sealants that aren't engineered as impregnations
  • Quick and easy application. No special training required. Just pick up the tin and brush, roller or spray on
  • Treat damp penetration in older properties, prevents it in new builds
  • Tried and tested nanotechnology can remain active for up to 25 years. Impregnations chemically bond with surfaces, turning brickwork into water-repellent surfaces
  • Prevents growth of lichens and salt blooming, as well as inhibiting the growth of algae and moss, keeping buildings as clean and bright as possible
  • An annual clean with household detergent is all that's required to maintain clean, bright and healthy appearance
  • Lower energy bills. An impregnation keeps walls dry, so heat cannot escape as easily
  • Can dry in just an hour, meaning you can concentrate on other tasks
  • Invisible coating that allows the building to breathe

Ultimate easy brick cleaning: Self cleaning bricks

Get brighter walls by cleaning less. Once an impregnation coating has got to grips with your brickwork, it'll turn it into a water-repellent surface. Rain cannot soak in, so grime and lichens cannot build up on the surface. Rain is not only prevented from damaging your surface, but actually cleans your property by sweeping away dirt and grime. The result? Bright and clean brickwork without the monthly scrubbing. 

Brick cleaning like the professionals

Impregnation coatings such as HydroBlock and Iso Dry Creme Extreme are built for professional use, and contractors have been using them to protect industrial sized buildings such as train stations and bridges for years. They're now available for your property, whether that's a home or commercial premises. You get to equip your brickwork with professional coating systems, and all the advantages this gives, including lowered energy bills and damp prevention. 

Not just another brick acid cleaner

Imagine knowing that your home is always prepared for the heaviest of rainfalls. Or that your business will always give out a great first impression. Regular brick cleaners can do a good job in the short run, getting rid of grime and brightening your walls. But an impregnation can stay with you for decades. By chemically bonding with your walls, HydroBlock and Iso Dry give you long-term protection. All that's needed is an annual clean with a mild detergent.

For bright and clean brickwork, order your coating now:

HydroBlock: Lasts up to 10 years and has proven to lower thermal conductivity by up to 58%, meaning your heat stays where it's meant to. Easy to spray, making it ideal for large areas of brickwork.

Iso Dry Creme Extreme: Easy to brush creamy solution that can stay in your brickwork for up to 25 years. Perfect for long-term protection and penetrating damp prevention.


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