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Flat roof repair case study: Omnitrack

16 June 2016

Omnitrack near Stroud had a poor quality felt roof that was rotten underneath, and the customer wanted to avoid disposal and replacement costs. A rubber coating was the ideal cost effective, yet long term solution.

Flat roof repair: first impressions

Omnitrack's roof had clearly taken on a lot of water over the past few months. The boards underneath the felt and asphalt had gone soft in places. Ideally, this should be replaced, but the customer was keen to keep the underlying structure intact. 

Flat roof repair

The surface appeared wavy where the substrate had softened and rotted

Flat roof repair EPDM

Asphalt cannot cope with long term freezing and heating, so cracks around the edges are common

Flat roof repair: the solution

flat roof rubber repair

Omnitrack's roof required edge protection to ensure contractors' safety

As the roof had extensively leaked before, despite various patch repair jobs, a highly durable system was needed. We settled on Liquid Rubber EPDM, as it has a long life expectancy and is able to withstand ponding water. 

In order for the rubber to adhere, we used ProFlex primer, which is designed specifically for the Liquid Rubber EPDM. This also gives the existing substrate more strength and durability. The Proflex for Asphalt has ground rubber included that gives a build up and the flexible epoxy gives it strength and hardness.

Flat roof repair coating

Both the primer and topcoat would be best applied with rollers and squeegees.

The Liquid EPDM would give a UV resistant layer that prevents enbrittling under harsh sunlight, and provides the waterproofing needed to endure months of ponding water. 

Liquid roof sealant

Not a seam in sight, meaning no vulnerabilities for rainwater to penetrate.

Flat roof repair: the result

The project was completed on time, and Omnitrack now enjoys a leak free roof, leaving the business free to operate as usual. Liquid Rubber EPDM is known for its quick and easy preparation and application, and this makes it a real favourite for both building owners and roofers. 

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