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Finally, a block paving sealer that truly seals and protects your paving blocks

19 February 2016

Let nanotechnology do the work for you: Protect your concrete block paving against frost, oil and stain damage for years-- in one quick and easy application. 

Unlike other sealers on the market, ProCover uses the latest scientific advancements to turn your block paving, BBQ area or driveway, into fully-protected water and stain resistant materials. You can use now use this advanced sealant technology to keep your patio and paved driveway cleaner for longer. Plus it's designed for ease of use. Just brush it on and your outside areas are completely protected. 

The pro's block paving sealer, built for your DIY sealant job

How often do you want to be cleaning your paving surfaces? Or replacing frost damaged or stained paving blocks? Not very often, right? The latest advancements in waterproofing technology are designed to make your DIY life easier. Get ahead of the trend by using ProCover on your driveway and paving areas.

By impregnating your surfaces with nano-technology, your paving becomes completely water-resistant. Rain cannot soak in, meaning frost damage can't break your patio in two. Plus red wine, diesel and oil stains cannot make a mark. Liquids are left to bead in droplets on the surface, so you just sweep them away. The same goes for snow, no matter how heavy it falls. There's no more scrubbing or frequent and expensive cleaning procedures. It's not just paving slabs either. Protect courtyard entrances, car parks, staircases, facades, roofs, artificial stone and much more. Read the full list here.

Not just a regular paving slabs sealant: Spill more and still clean less 

ProCover is an impregnation, packed with hydrophobic qualities. Once you brush ProCover onto the surface of your concrete paving, it soaks in and penetrates deep below the surface. It then chemically bonds with the material, turning it waterproof, oil resistant and making the surface easy to clean. Learn more about using an impregnation to stop damp penetration here. 

There's no multiple applications or messy diluting. ProCover is ready to go. Unlike other cleaners, which just sit on the surface, ProCover delves below to give you long lasting effects. What does this mean for you? Clean, new looking outside areas you can show off when the neighbours come round. And the best part of it? It's so easy to apply you can just use a brush or roller. 

Long-lasting paving slab sealant protection 

ProCover is used in industrial projects, waterproofing huge areas of high-traffic public spaces. As a result the price is as low as it possibly could be. And on top of the protection already mentioned, ProCover can even slow down the aging of your paving. How many other sealants can say that? You get a patio area that'll make the neighbours look twice, and there's no more worries over car oil stains or frost damage.

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