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Best roofing materials to fix rusty metal roofing

21 April 2016

Save money and time with the world's only Liquid Rubber EPDM roofing system and its partner products. Optimised for waterproofing rusty metal roofs, Liquid Rubber is designed to make industrial metal roof projects into quick and easy jobs. Plus its durability and EPDM heritage makes it's easier to sell than many roof sealants on the market.

Straight on rusty metal roofing 

You can save time and money with the system durable enough to go straight on rust and waterproof a metal roof instantly.

With other roof sealants, the process can be much longer:

  1. Thoroughly clean surface with a jet wash and dry with sunlight or rags
  2. Cover and prepare any joints in the metal
  3. Mix and prepare a rust-friendly primer
  4. Apply primer with a roller or squeegee. If it's not self-leveling, you'll need to smooth down the surface
  5. Wait for primer to dry, wasting time hanging around the property
  6. Measure and cut reinforcing matting before laying it into place
  7. Mix and prepare a top coat coating
  8. Apply using a roller or squeegee 
  9. Wait for top coat to dry 
  10. Apply second coat of top coat

It's not even as easy as that. Every new layer involves more back breaking rolling, and waiting around for coats to dry can be an overnight job. How many quotes are going to be impressed with this less than sleek procedure? Plus there's the cost of not just the top coat, but also the reinforcing matting and primer. Then there's the extra few days of scaffolding that'll push your prices up.

Rubber roofing made easy

With Liquid Rubber, application is as easy as possible, with no sacrifice on the durability of the end result:

  1. Clean the rusty roof with a jet wash and dry with sunlight or rags
  2. Place butyl tape over cracks or seams in the metal
  3. Mix in the pre-weighed catalyst to the tin of Liquid Rubber
  4. Apply using a roller, brush or sprayer

Once applied, you can spend your spare time winning those other quotes or be free for urgent repairs. 

50 years of EPDM roof sheets prestige, from a tin

What makes your customer choose your system for their roof?


They need to know you're going to do the best job possible, with the best roofing system possible. 

Imagine telling them that your system is built on EPDM's 50+ years of proven weatherproofing history. Liquid Rubber builds on the intense durability and great appearance of EPDM sheets, with one important advantage.

Seamless metal roofing sheets?

Not only does Liquid Rubber have the same quote-winning characteristics of EPDM sheets, but it even fixes a significant flaw of many roofing materials. As reliable as roofing sheets are, they're stuck with seams and joints between the sheets. This means that no matter the durability of the material, the roof is let down by the seams, which often allow liquid in over time.

As a rubber coating, Liquid Rubber creates a joint free surface. This means you can tell your customer there's limited vulnerabilities in their new roof, helping you win more quotes than your competitors.

Rubber roof or a metal roof paint?

Although Liquid Rubber comes in a tin, it's still a coating, not a paint. But that doesn't mean it's any harder to use. You can either roll or spray the rubber on, giving you an instantly waterproof and durable roof. Plus the rubber is self leveling, smooth and eye catching, making it a more durable alternative to metal roof paint. Why paint a metal roof when you can coat in a rubber that prolongs the life of the roof?

The next generation of EPDM Roofing



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